3 years and 283 days

That’s how old Alex is right now – and I can tell you – it’s (knock on wood) a fantastic age. The Stats Alex is 39″ tall, and about 35lbs. He’s wearing 3T pants and for the most part 4T shirts. I am having a real issue with socks. I can’t figure out the sizing for the life of me – so let’s just say we have a good stash of socks for when our boy is about 7 years old…  He is wearing a 9 in shoes. Sleep
For the most part Alex is now sleeping pretty well. After Christmas we had a very rough few weeks where Alex crying at bedtime, wanting us to lay with him or sit in his room. We did sit in the doorway, and it often took up to an hour for him to fall asleep. Then he was up numerous times crying through the night. Now he is going to sleep on his own again, without us in his room, but he is still getting up most nights once and we take turns going in to sleep with him. Not the ideal situation – but hey – we all get some sleep. This past week we have had a number of nights where he has slept until about 6:30 without a wake up – so that has been very nice.

Alex has been up and down with food. Some days he will eat everything on his plate and ask for more – others he picks at his dinner like a bird – even with his favourite dishes. I guess that’s what toddlers do! He’s really on a strawberry kick for some reason too.

Alex’s speech is coming along amazingly!!  Over the last 2 weeks we have seen remarkable changes. He talks NON STOP. Asking lots of questions, using lots of different words, repeating us constantly. It’s been so much fun! He still doesn’t always pronounce endings to words and has difficulty with F, S, T, some Ps, L – but we are going to the Speech Pathologist next week so hopefully she can give us a hand there. Some Alexisms

  • Oh Ma Ma!
  • Me do, Me do!
  • I’m Spiderman, you are Superman
  • I want… I want… Spiderman, Superman, Batman party
  • Me Big Boy, not baby boy
  • Oh Momma – Nice Day!
  • The moon see’s me! (a fun game we play on the way home from the sitters)
  • Ohh – I like that house (when driving by a new subdivision)
  • and today before he left for the sitters – Momma Kiss Me 🙂

Other Fun Stuff

  • Like previously mentioned, Alex loves the Larry the Bird app on my phone. He will play with that thing for 30+ minutes. He loves to sing “Single Ladies” to it and hear Larry repeat.
  • Alex likes to dress himself – socks included. He is quite particular about what he wears – doesn’t like jeans so much and most days will wear only Montreal Canadiens or superheros shirts.
  • Loves to play with play-doh – but man is that a messy endeavor! Must teach him to sweep.
  • When Alex “has to go” he can now go into the bathroom, do his business, wipe, and wash up all on his own. Often he wants us to hold his hand… seriously… but sometimes he does it all on his own!
  • If we “eat” his nose, eye, ear… he will do it right back to us – or take his nose back and put it on again.

So readers, 3’s are not so terrible… this week at least!

9 responses

  1. Our boys are pretty much the same for stats. And yes, socks are super annoying for sizing. Our sleep is improving ever so slightly still. Bah. I love him mixing up a a smoothie. Yum. And I agree, I am so loving 3’s!

  2. Oh man, I’m jealous of your threes!!! 😉 They sound pretty sweet! (And Spencer has taken to dressing himself as well… sigh.) I love all the things he’s saying… a mix of funny and sweet!

  3. It sounds like Alex is doing great! Nice update. I love all the photos. He’s really talking a lot now it seems. I love that he only wants to wear super heroes or Canadiennes sportswear 🙂 I’m glad to hear that the THREE’s are going well – I have heard the opposite from some other mama’s to 3 year olds so it’s good to see both!

  4. Great update! The ‘threes’ are a fickle time aren’t they? So much fun, but so frustrating sometimes!! I love the pictures, especially him cracking up with Larry!

  5. I can’t believe we’re only a couple of months till our boys are 4!! I do agree that the 3s have been good, especially lately. We downloaded Larry the Bird after I read this post! Daniel and Andy enjoy playing with him! We’ve also had the sock dilemma. So many socks that should fit Daniel are already on Matthew’s feet and most of D’s socks are a tad big. Oh well. D is also a 9/9.5 in shoes but size 10 in boots. We need to get the boys together again! It’s been too long.

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