3 Years Together!

It’s hard to believe there was ever a time that Alex was not with us – but it really has just been three years.  Three years ago we walked as a family of two into the SWS and after a very emotional goodbye, left as a family of three. We were very blessed that Alex was so easy going and really just rolled with the changes. He has always been a pretty happy little boy – something I love to see. He still sucks on his two fingers – something that warms my heart and drives me crazy at the same time.  He still has the same infectious laugh.

Yesterday I went to an AMAZING Asian grocery in London, United Supermarket to get supplies for our dinner. As soon as I walked in I smiled. The smells were so much like Seoul. The produce department was just amazing – next time I will take pictures. And just like Seoul – it was crowded! I wish I could have stayed longer to check out all the different departments – but I had a friend waiting in the car – just gives me an excuse to go back!

I made Tangsuyuk (pork) for dinner. That was our favourite dish while in Seoul from a restaurant in the Yeoksam subway station – I think it was called Pateo (sp?) – it was an Asian fusion style restaurant that had a lot of Chinese offerings so that’s why the Tangsuyuk.  It was pretty darn good for my first attempt! Matt had made it 2 years ago for us too. We had kimchi and “Hite” beer.  We also had some of those jelly cups and a rice cake filled with red bean paste… yum!

And this was a small carrot at the Asian market.

Our "Hite" - they don't sell it locally 😦

Dinner is served.

After dinner Alex was gracious enough to wash all the dishes for us. (I will be rewashing them this morning)

Little man in training.

Our little boy is so amazing! I can not imagine a life without him.