Tuesday Tidbits

  • This week we are celebrating the anniversary of all sorts of firsts with Alex – mainly our first meeting with him and our first family day! It’s really hard to believe that we met our precious boy 3 years ago.
  • To celebrate our Family Day (with is Friday), I’m planning on cooking Korean! Not sure what yet… but I’ll figure it out. Wish me luck! I’ve been told there is a good Asian grocery in London so hopefully I will have luck getting supplies there.
  • Speaking of food – last night I made this – pretty tasty!!
  • Alex is completely addicted to the app – Talking Larry. Last night Matt and Alex were giggling for a good 20 minutes, talking to Larry and hearing him repeat what they were saying in a chipmunk voice. The laughter was totally worth the $1.29.
  • So I took the camera class a week or so ago. It was a 5 hour session on a Saturday and I must say I learned quite a bit. I wouldn’t say everything was brand new – but I did learn tips about when / where to use certain settings (the instructor focused on a lot of the presets). Like using landscape when taking a picture of a group of people rather than portrait and a portrait setting when talking a picture of a tree if you want to focus on the tree etc. I really learned that if I want to be more satisfied with my pics I need to get outside and into better light.  The windows in our house are not cutting it.
  • We bought a boat! We went down to the Toronto Boat Show and found a great deal on a utility boat (aka tin boat). So we now have a boat, a trailer, and a motor (30hp in case you were wondering). It was one of our goals for the cottage property for the year – so now we can do more up there! Yeah! Some of the boats there were amazing. Like 1+ million dollar boats – crazy!  Alex was in his glory – driving all the boats he could get to. We also got to watch Duma the water skiing dog.
  • Knock on wood… Alex seems to have kicked the whiny phase for now. He’s got a lot more giggles and is just an awesome kid. I really need to do a Alex growth and development post…
  • Alex and Matt have been sick with a cold for the last week or so. As of today, I’ve come down with it too. Not cool. I have to go to Toronto on Thursday for a conference, and the train leaves at 5:51am, so I need to be in my best form to handle that long day!
  • Some of my current favourite books to read to Alex include: The No Good Do Good Pirates, The Circus Ship, and Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth?
  • I’m reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – anyone else read it yet?

the new I'm going to get you face

8 responses

  1. It sounds like things are going well right now. I totally agree about the photography. I get so frustrated taking pictures indoors. I need to get myself outside more with my camera! I’m glad that Alex is doing so well. I’m sure it will be fun to celebrate your Forever Family day! Good luck with the Korean food! Pass on the recipes if they are a hit.

  2. Wow – lots of great little tidbits in here!! I love the one about the photography class, of course! (And yes – get outside! Or in front of a slider door!) 😉

    Make sure you take pics of the Korean food… YUM!

  3. Oh, Alex…you have such an expressive face. Love this shot.
    We loved the Circus Ship book too. I need to look for the Moose one (sounds cute). A boat?! Oooh, I bet you’ll love it.
    Good luck with your Korean meal. What are you going to make? I love cooking Korean food. Cannot believe your 3-year family day anniversary is practically here. Wow!

  4. Lots of good tidbits, but congrats on the BOAT! Oh and great news about Alex getting out of the whining stage (I hate that stage and I’m glad to know it can end 🙂 Can’t wait to see how you celebrated Family Day. Good for you for attempting Korean food!!

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