Friday Pick Me Up!

I just got a total boost – I was nominated by the one and only Christine at 12450 miles for an award!

Three rules apply to this award:
1. Thank the person(s) who gave this award to you.
2. List 7 things that people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Christine!!  Christine has been one of my longest blogging buddies.  We both pretty much started the adoption process  from Korea for our boys at the same time back in 2008 and have been friends ever since. Matt, Alex and I even traveled to Boston in 2010 to meet her and the adorable Spencer.  Christine is a wonderful mother, photographer, creative soul and I wish we lived so much closer!

7 Things… well… I’ve been blogging now going on 4 years – I hope I have 7 interesting facts that I haven’t shared!

  1. I can’t whistle or snap. Not sure why – I try – but my body won’t work that way!
  2. I was a bit of a geek growing up – surprised? When I was young (grade 1 ish), I would do math homework pages for fun… even in the summer. Mind you my mom did pay me a penny a page… perhaps I just was after the penny candy for the corner store.
  3. I have a desire to go hand gliding. Not skydiving or bungee jumping, but hand gliding. My dream place would be in Rio – I watched it on a travel show once and think it looked amazing.
  4. I am a horrible speller! I rely on spell check quite a bit – that’s why I use Chrome online – has an auto spellchecker 🙂 I also have really bad handwriting – thank goodness for computers.
  5. Growing up Cory Haim, Keifer Sutherland, and Neil Patrick Harris were my teen idols. I was also convinced I was related to Keifer since we had the same last name… you never know… we might be!
  6. I always have to have lip balm with me. I can’t stand having dry lips – especially at night. Sad thing is is that Mason also loves lip balm and has chewed up more tubes than I can count!
  7. When I watch something on tv that is embarrassing for the characters I have to change the station and go back a few seconds later – drives Matt crazy!

Passing it on to the wonderful…

I know – not 15… but I have to ensure you all have people to link to too 🙂

12 responses

  1. Thanks for the award!
    Your list cracks me up 🙂 I have a friend that is so addicted to lip balm, she sleeps with it in her hands!

  2. i’m right there with you on the lip balm. luckily my dogs stay away from it. i used to love and still kind of do…cherry lip balm but i found a new one at wholefds that i’ve replaced it with. when we were younger..we had an old apple computer and we would totally play math games for fun! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the pick-me-up, Krista! I too loathe watching embarrassing things on TV and almost always looks away. I just get so uncomfortable. The worst show for me to watch is Dragon’s Den. I feel sick for those entrants. Anyway, I too love lip balm and have it everywhere – in every jacket pocket, my purse, bathroom, bedroom…

  4. Thanks for the nomination, Krista! I’m laughing out loud at the point where you have to change the channel if something is embarassing for the character that you are watching on TV. I totally understand your discomfort! So funny. I also cannot whistle at all and my snap is pathetic. I am the same about lip balm too– very upset if I leave the house without at least one of mine!

  5. Can I just say… we are meant to be friends!!! We have so many similarities! I was going “yup!” the whole way through!! I LOVED your list! And I’m hoping to make it up your way someday too! Can you believe it’s almost four years we’ve known each other?!

  6. I love knowing these little things about you! Particularly the nerdy math page tidbit. Kinda sounds like me 🙂
    And I feel your pain on the snapping… I can only do one hand and it mystifies Adam

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  8. I love learning new things about you. Tee-hee! I can wink with only one eye…drives my husband nuts. But…he cannot roll his tongue…touche, my friend! Genetics?!

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