Tuesday Tidbits

  • Happy New Year Everyone! Our New Year was very low key. We enjoyed a raclette meal with Matt’s parents and watched hockey and eventually the NYC countdown. Alex even stayed up (not by our choice) to ring in the new year. It was actually quite fun having him with us – he was so excited!
  • I reviewed my “goals” for 2011, and sadly I’m not even going to try to do a recap. Let’s just say I didn’t meet most of those goals. But that’s ok. I had a number of other accomplishments.
  • My top 3 books of 2011 were: Hunger Games (the whole trilogy), Secret Daughter, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  What was yours?
  • I’m trying to decide which of two events to attend on January 21st – a camera class by a local photographer or the Lunar New Year celebration for the Korean Children’s Children Association.  It’s rare to have a camera class held locally – especially on a date that I’m not working… so I’m leaning that way. Perhaps a Korean meal on Sunday?
  • I’m watching Water for Elephants as I type – loved that book! So far the movie is really good too.
  • I started reading a very emotional book – Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love by Xinran. I had to stop reading – not because it was a bad book, but because it tore at my heartstrings so much. I highly recommend it if you wonder how mothers of girls in China can give their daughters up. As you can imagine – it’s not an easy choice.
  • I have been having some fun creating Etsy Treasury lists 🙂
  • Alex has become very paticular about what he wears. Everything must be either Montreal Canadiens, Spiderman or Superman – as a result we have had a few major meltdowns in the morning.  So I found some great deals at Sears today – a Spidy tee shirt and a zipper hoodie, and 2 joggers for under $19 – taxes included! Great clearance sales!  He was over the moon for a new Spiderman shirt.
  • Tomorrow is Matt’s birthday! He will be 36. An interesting note – he was born on January 4 and I’m November 4 – same year.  Sadly his birthday present I ordered will not arrive in time 😦 – It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday.
  • Goals for 2012… well – wasn’t sure if I should bother this year or not. I hated not reaching many of them last year. But what the heck – here is what I’m wanting to do:
    – Take a camera class
    – “Get Off The Couch”! And do the Stratford Hog Jog in June
    – Get crafty again! Starting with Move and organize my craft room.  Ikea here I come!
    – Make Alex a bedspread. I’m having a very hard time finding a duvet cover or comforter for his room that I like, is kid friendly, and is a double.
    – Go on a vacation with Matt – sans Alex (sorry little dude) – but we really need it!
    So just a few things that I think are reasonable enough to attain!

6 responses

  1. Good luck with your goals this year! I’m not sure if we’re going to Lunar New Year yet. If we do, Isabel will stay home this year. The Hunger games trilogy is next up and waiting on my nightstand 🙂

  2. Those sounds like some good, reasonable goals! I vote for you to go to the camera class – I think you’ll love it. And I will add Secret Daughter to my “to read” list. Loved Hunger Games, hated Dragon Tattoo.

    Oh, and what is a raclette meal?

  3. If you go to the camera class, we’ll miss you at the Lunar New Year party…but hey, I understand. A camera class would be awesome, and you don’t have to travel for it! I just remembered that Secret Daughter is one of my top reads for 2011 as well. Great book. I can’t figure out about the Dragon Tattoo series…clearly I’m missing something.

  4. Your list for this year sounds great! And you know you have us all cheering you on… right!? I would do the camera class if I were you. I know it’s a hard choice (And you didn’t ask my opinion) but the opportunity to learn (and ask questions!) in a class setting is invaluable! I need to think about my fave reads of the year… Hunger Games was definitely on there… but I’m not sure what my others would be…

  5. That is a dilemma about Sat, Jan 21st. I don’t blame you for wanting to take the camera course since I think that was one of your goals last year! We would love to see your family then, but if not, we’ll have to make another plan. I will be encouraging you to get out and run the race in June– you can do it!! Get yourself a good plan and it will give you some direction for training. Happy belated birthday to Matt! Barb says that I have to read the Hunger Games, so when I feel that I can manage it, I’ll start, since I hear it is a tough one to get your head out of!

  6. I always like your book suggestions. I’ve read one or two of them, but not the others. So far D is not too picky about what he wears…except he prefers to wear RED, his favorite color. He loves wearing red socks especially. What did you decide to do this wknd? Camera class or Korean New Year event? We are going to a Korean New Year event tomorrow.

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