On the 11th Day of Christmas…

… my true love gave to me…

a little holiday baking.

(I know… this post is a little late – but better late than never!)

On Thursday and Friday I started my holiday baking.

I made Sugar Cookies

I did decorate them with sugar icing, but no pictures.

I also created little Pretzel Peppermint Hershey Kiss treats.

I had little helper for these tasty creations.

I also had great plans in making those yummy peanut butter balls rolled in coconut… but alas it was not to be. Mason ate the rice crispy cereal and the coconut while I was out at the grocery store – and there was NO way I was heading out into that madness again!

Next year I will be smart and bake early and then freeze the goodies.   Anyone have a easy peasy recipe for me to try next year?

4 responses

  1. Nice job! Xander and Jeremy made some sugar cookies this year too (iced with nutella and sprinkles 🙂 ), but that was the extent of our Christmas baking this year.

  2. Look at you!!! I really must make those pretzel ones next year. I baked a ton this year (As you know) and we’re still enjoying them since I froze half. Hey, gotta make that hard work go as far as I can… you know?!

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