On the Second Day of Christmas…

… my true love gave to me…

a super long to do list.

Since it is Tuesday, I thought I’d combine Tuesday Tidbits and my 12 days of Christmas.

  • Tonight I finally heard from the business that I ordered my Christmas card pictures from, telling me they were finally available for pickup. They are not perfect… the processing place cropped off my border, and the words at the top of the image are pretty darn close to the edge… but they are done! Woot Woot!  I hope to have them all in the mail by Thursday.
  • A friend of mine and I have been working on rag quilts for our boys – and I finished Alex’s on Sunday night.  I have enough squares left over to make a nice pillow and a pair of pj bottoms too… so back to the sewing machine.
  • I have a couple of brooch orders to complete for some friends – hoping they get done by “Sparky” for me tonight 😉
  • I also have some calendars to finish – thank goodness Creativ* Mem*ries is so easy to use. Just waiting on pictures from a few family members and it will be ready to go.
  • Christmas baking… I am the first to admit that I’m not a baker. My idea of cookies for the most part is buying premades dough and scooping it out onto cookie sheets. But this year I plan on making three different tasty treats:  Sugar Cookies, Pretzel Turtles, and Peppermint Bark (Thanks C!).  No idea when…. but it will happen… I’m hoping.  Oooh – maybe these too… gosh I love Pinterest!  I wish I was domestic enough to make these – they are gorgeous!
  • I won an amaryllis plant kit from a local garden centre this weekend! Planting it will be a project for Alex and I to do tomorrow.
  • I still have quite a bit of shopping to do – but luckily I only have to work 2 days next week.
  • And lastly – I need to find some snow – anyone have some? Tomorrow is supposed to be 10C – so no snow here! I find it hard to really get into the spirit until we have a good blast of winter.

Giddy Up!


4 responses

  1. Yeah, this warm weather is squashing the Christmas mood, so I’m listening to lots of Christmas music to help! Hope you have no problems getting your list done!

  2. I love your new banner picture! The bokeh is awesome. We haven’t had snow here yet this year, and I’m sorry, but I hope it stays that way!! Those Santa cookies that you linked to are beautiful. I couldn’t make them – of that I am sure! Good luck getting all that stuff done!!

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