The 12 days of Christmas

Like in past years, I’m going to attempt to post daily for 12 straight days leading up to Christmas – sharing some holiday happenings in our family. I started this tradition the year Alex was first home (2009) and continued into  2010.

So… drum roll please… on the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me…

A Visit to Santa Claus! and another visit… and another visit!

That’s right – so far we have had 3 visits to Santa.

The first visit went really well as I posted last Tuesday – but my pictures… not so good.  So we went again on Saturday morning.  Alex, once again was perfect – and I think my pictures were much better.  I know I should really learn to use my camera on Auto before I get too fancy… but I’m using the auto focus manual mode – like the results much better.


On the way home it started to lightly snow. I coaxed Alex into trying to get some flakes on his tongue and in the process got this super cute pic.

Then on Sunday Alex, my mom and I went to a local garden centre that is all decorated for Christmas, and a professional photographer was there taking free pics of Santa with the kids – so why not! She even got a smile or two out of Alex by pretending to tickle me.  Then while browsing the store, Santa was wandering around and Alex started a bit of a game of “peek a boo” with him – so cute.  Now we are just waiting on the pics to be emailed.

We are also hoping to get on more visit in to the big guy this Saturday – he will be downtown with one of his reindeer!  That in itself has turned into a bit of a tradition!