On November 29, we introduced Alex to his Elf on a Shelf. I was seriously excited about this Elf – way more than I really should be – but what a fun tradition to have!  I read Alex the story and asked if he wanted to go search to see if we had an Elf at our house. And he was quite excited… at first.  We started looking around, and then we passed the Christmas tree where the Elf was hiding. When Alex saw him, he screamed and jumped into my arms and would not let go!  He wouldn’t even look at  the Elf.  But by bedtime Alex picked out the name “Sparky” for his Elf.  Day by day Alex has made small steps towards being friends with Sparky. He now looks for him in the morning, he will also say Hello, and he has even given Sparky a piece of popcorn.  I really don’t think the whole Sparky is reporting back to Santa thing is working though.  Perhaps Sparky needs to bring a gift back from the North Pole for Alex to really get him on his side…

8 responses

  1. Yay!! Sparky is such a cute name!! I’m sure a gift from the North Pole wouldn’t hurt…;)

    p.s. love the snow….i might stay here for awhile and enjoy the snow!!

  2. I love the name Sparky!!

    Yeah, Spencer really doesn’t get the whole “Buddy the Elf is a spy thing” either. He thinks that by telling Buddy at the end of the day that he was a good boy, that’s the report going back! Sigh.

  3. I just love imagining Alex jumping into your arms upon finding the elf. I guess it is probably healthy for Alex to be a bit skeptical! I really wonder how Daniel would respond!!

  4. I’ve been so impressed with all you guys doing Elf on the Shelf. It DOES seem like a lot of work but so much fun too. Maybe we’ll try it next year with Max. Have fun with Sparky!

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