Seriously? School?

Today we had Alex’s registration for “Junior Kindergarten” or JK as we tend to call it. JK is the first round of Kindergarten, then they move on to Senior Kindergarten when they turn 5.  Registration was fairly simple – fill out a few forms and visit some stations to meet their future teacher, to visit the public library booth (which was reviewing the kids library website that I designed) and a station from the Health Unit that went over the “Nipissing Test” – but we had also done that when Alex turned 3 so we didn’t stay there long.  Alex wasn’t very impressed I must say… and he isn’t super excited about school – but I’m hoping that will change closer to next September.

But really, I’m not very excited about him going to school either! It’s hard to imagine Alex hopping on a bus all by himself next year, and navigating through a large public school to his class all by himself, and then somehow find the bus again, get on, get off at the right stop and then walk home.  He will only be 4!  So I’m planning on driving him to school every day, and Matt will be picking him up most days as well. There is some question as to whether or not Alex will be able to continue attending this school when he gets to SK. They want to make it to a complete French Immersion program school and ship him across town to a school that I’m not super keen on him attending. One of the reasons we moved to the neighbourhood that we did was so he could attend the  “preferred” school in town. So we will see how that goes….  There are a lot of people fighting this change, but in the end it will be up to the school board.

Crazy but our boy is growing up!

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  1. Oh my word, when I read that comment “Alex hopping on a bus all by himself next year, and navigating through a large public school to his class all by himself, and then somehow find the bus again, get on, get off at the right stop and then walk home.” I couldn’t imagine how scared a 4 year old would be doing all that by himself! Are there kids who actually do that? I had never heard of Junior K before you mentioned it on fb. I’m sure once he makes friends he will be much more interested in it. 🙂

  2. I think Adam will be taking a bus to school next year. Yikes! I don’t want to think about that yet. He is currently loving preschool and it’s been a fabulous experience for him. He is so excited to ride the bus next year– it will just be two days a week at his school. I am sure that Alex will get excited as September approaches. It’s still 9 months away! I haven’t heard anything about JK registration, so I’ll have to investigate. Good for you for being right on it! Hopefully things will work out with Alex’s school. Do you not want to put him in the french immersion program?

  3. Crazy isn’t it? We are trying to make a decision between full day/every other day, or full day/every day. I still wish it was half days!!

  4. Our JK registration isn’t till February (I nearly missed it with Adam because I thought it was in May — oops!) but at least it’s only half-days here. Does your school have full-day kindergarten?

    I am not at all ready for Leah to be in school and I’ve considered holding her back for another year but the speech pathologist said that it’s better for Leah to take three years to do JK and SK than to start her a year later and miss out on school. I see the logic behind this but I’m so worried she’s going to get trampled by her classmates.

    No bus for us, though. We’re 100 metres too close to the school to qualify.

  5. I can’t believe you already have to register now! It just makes it all so real. For some reason, just thinking about Daniel in JK makes me nauseous, even though he’s absolutely loving preschool. I’ll be in denial till we register – probably in February like Kim mentioned. I hate how school boards can arbitrarily make such big decisions that can have such a ripple effect through a community. I hope your school board decides in your favour!

  6. I think I’d freak out about the bus thing too. Amazing to me that we are getting close to thinking about this phase of our boy’s lives…and even a little earlier for you at 4 instead of 5. I mean…D goes to “school” (preschool) now, but it isn’t like what you are describing. I just hope every little bit helps prepare him (and us) for the next stages. Frustrating when you move to an area planning on that school and then things changed. Our city went through some big-time re-zoning stuff a couple of years ago…and it wasn’t pretty. Not everything changed and I hope things remain stable for a WHILE after that so we can stay where we are.

  7. why are they growing up so fast???!!!! he’ll look so cute with his little back pack, but seriously, a bus?! i so hope alex gets to stay at the school he’s in now. i’d be frustrated too if they were trying to change it. ugh.

  8. Oh man, I can understand why this might cause you some anxiety. A bus is a big deal at that age! I’m sure it’ll all work out and school will be awesome for Alex but it’s scary for us parents to think about…

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