Thursday Tidbits

Missed Tuesday… again.  I’ll get my act together one of these days.

  • Well since I’ve turned the big 3-5… I’ve been falling apart. Some not so fun things going on – nothing serious – but on some antibiotics for the last week and I swear they made me worse than I did before taking the meds.  See the Dr. again on Tuesday – hoping for a clean bill of health.
  • The weekend after my birthday Matt and I went to the US shopping with some friends.  The girls shopped together and the guys sat in the pub for a bit… then shopped. Made a decent dent in the holiday shopping and also bought a few new things for me (jeans, warm fuzzy sweater from JCrew, shirt).   The following day on the way home we went to… Target!  I know it was silly to be excited about Target – but I hear all my American friends raving about the cool finds they get there so I couldnt’ wait. I wasn’t disappointed… but I wasn’t really super impressed either. To me it felt like a nicer WalM*rt.  I did get an Elf on a Shelf there – can’t wait to break out our new holiday friend!  The dollar was pretty much at par so the deals were not super good as we would have liked.
  • One thing that really annoyed me was the price of gas. When converted… we paid about $0.75 a liter. We are paying over $1.18 here – just 3 hours away. Argh!
  • I have my holiday cards all designed… except I don’t have any pictures taken yet to put in them… sigh.
  • Anyone else super excited about Breaking Dawn Part 1 being released tomorrow? Tickets are purchased – can’t wait!!
  • Our basement is almost half done. The drywall is up and primed, the ceiling is plastered and textured.  This weekend we need to get a coat or two of paint on so the trim can go in on  Monday. Carpet the following week… and new reclining leather sofa and love seat comes on December 3rd! We picked it out on my birthday 🙂 Soooo comfy.
  • Just about finished a pretty spoooky book – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. You have to check the book trailer – very well done.
  • We had our first snow last week. It was so fun watching Alex race around the house all excited. Re-living all these special times through the eyes of a child is priceless.  The snow only lasted a few hours, but I’m sure it’s going to be here to stay before long.
  • I’ve been teaching Alex Christmas carols – he likes Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. He likes to breakdance to them… even though my singing is not even close to rapping.
  • Tomorrow I’m presenting at a conference called KULT – Keeping up with Library Technology on QR Codes. Kinda nervous – wish me luck!  Speaking of smart phones… anyone else get iPhone finger? My pointer is seriously sore – I think I need to give Angry Birds a break.

A few pics of our “Spidy Man”

Guarding the Candy


11 responses

  1. I’ve heard about that book and was curious about it…spooky reading isn’t my fave. Is it scary? I have to say that I love Target for some specific things that are only sold there…like Champion athletic wear, grocery items not in Canada, …I like their clothes sometimes too. We always make a point to get gas over the border too. Major price difference there. I can’t believe you’ve had snow already. None here yet. Soon enough, I suppose. Hopefully you’re back to good health soon. Oh – and Daniel loves Jingle Bells too!! 🙂 I must also add that I feel like a “techie” because I know what QR codes are (just learned) and have a QR reader on my iPhone!

  2. Oooh, there must be something about the big 3-5. Not good for me either!

    So you weren’t impressed with Target? How is that possible? LOL Either you have really nice Walmarts or a really bad Target because Target is hands down better than Walmart! In so many ways!

  3. Good luck with KULT! Give your finger a break from Angry Birds and play Words with Friends (it’s like scrabble) with me! (find me – I’m Emily9317). You’re totally right about Target; sometimes it is great, but most of the time nothing special. Did you end up checking out Kohl’s? We fill up on gas there often, considering it’s just over the border for us. It’s still worth it, even after paying bridge toll. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. hmmm, i’m thinking you need to try a different target next time! sorry it didn’t live up to our hype :(. glad you finally got to go, though!

    love the spidey costume and of course the cutie in it!

  5. LOVE the spiderman costume! 🙂
    The book sounds intriguing… is it scary? I’m not a fan of scary stuff.
    Did you use a computer program to design your Christmas cards? If so, which one?

  6. I can’t believe you weren’t super impressed with Target. I really like it, and find it a lot nicer than Walmart here. Some Targets are better than others, though. The price of gas is ridiculous! We’re only 30 minutes from the border, so we get it rubbed in even more. Adam is also so excited about snow, but we haven’t had any here yet. I’m happy about that! We’ve been enjoying some milder November temps. I hope you are feeling better and that your presentation went well!

  7. Love the spidey photos!!! And wow… I need to get on the ball I think. I haven’t done my cards yet! EEK!

    Some Target’s are better than others (like others have said) but I also think that some of the finds you hear us all raving about are the “stumble upons” Unfortunately, I think Target is hard to appreciate when it’s not on your “round of stores” :-/

    Can’t wait to see the finished basement…

  8. Hey…I fell compltely part at age 30…and am still to tell the tale a decade plus after…so hang in there, whipper snapper! 😉

    D is REALLY into Christmas carols this year too…and I am LOVING it…because I love to sing them, especially in the car. I’m sure my DH would roll his eyes if he could read this.

    Finished basement? Oooh, I’m super jealous! I’d love to do that…but not sure how it would work in our house (nearly 100 years old and the basement doesn’t have good height or clearance…too low, I’d think).

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