Like many of you all, I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. I could spend hours and hours pinning all the pretty items, yummy recipes, cute quotes, and so much more – and I’ll tell you I have done that.  One of my blogging friends Rachel has been posting about all the things she has done that she has discovered on Pinterest – and also she has asked what we have done. At first I thought, geeze, I really haven’t done much. But while browsing my pins, I’ve discovered I have tried some of the wonderful things I’ve found.

Sponge Balls
Made these for Alex – but used them at the cottage, in lake water, with sand… while the balls were very cool, they got pretty nasty fast. I recommend using them on grass – much more fun.

Party Streamers
Made these for Alex’s birthday party – so freaking easy and so cool! We were able to tape them to our outdoor patio tent – I’m not really sure about taping them to a ceiling…

Rolled Fabric Wreath
I have this partially done… I tried to have a number of them made for my craft show – but when I tried to find the christmas sprigs… they were nowhere to be found. It was too early in the season I guess. So.. within the next few weeks it will be done!

Embroidery Thread Organizer
Did this – fabulous idea! So easy – so organized. Must get more embroidery thread… I’m running dangerously low.

Fabric Headband
I made one of these with some lovely Amy Butler scraps that I had. Super easy – just wish I looked better wearing it (need my hair to grow some…)

Felt Poppy
Made a variation of these (using the base pattern) for my craft show! They were a huge hit. $1 of each sale went to the Poppy Fund. I wish I had a picture…. but I sold out at the craft show!

Felt Heart Bookmark
I altered my felt bookmark pattern I have been using for a couple of years to look more like this one – very cute.

Button Bracelet
Made this with a number of off white buttons – I think it turned out ok, but next time I will use more elastic that is a tad more narrow.

Framed Hand Print
I made this with scrapbooking paper for Matt for Father’s Day! Turned out ok – not as nice as the one on Pinterest though.