Last Saturday (the 8th), Alex and went on an adventure to Toronto. You may be thinking – you live close to Toronto, what sort of big adventure can that really be? Well – I’ll explain.

First of all we had to drive on the 401- the highway that I used to have to take anti anxiety meds to ride on. It is one of Canada’s worst highways. So I was a tad nervous – especially after Alex decided he didn’t want to watch his DVD player – I though this is going to be tough – but it wasn’t . Now I’m actually looking forward to another trip into the city for some shopping 🙂  I wasn’t planning on driving right into Toronto – instead I was going to Yorkdale shopping centre where we could grab the subway down to Queen Street… where I was meeting Michelle, Amanda, Christa, and their families!!! Yes – it was a blogging mommies meetup!

So – got to Yorkdale – no problems. After a quick bathroom break, Alex and I headed to the subway… which turns out isn’t very accessible when you have a stroller. So we got there – got our day pass, and lucky for us the train was in the station! So we got on and sat down. And waited… and waited… then the announcer came on to tell us that due to a “police investigation at Lawrence Station, we were not able to move”… what?! I figured it may only be a few minutes, so we waited.  and waited. After about 10 more minutes Alex started getting antsy. A nice young lady sitting by us started  chatting – she was going on about how cute Alex was (he really is, isn’t he?).  Then the power went off. There was now a power outage and we were asked to evacuate the train. WTH? So, with Alex crying, we exited the train. The young lady and I were still chatting and I joked that if she knew where to go I’d drive downtown. She said sure! Another young lady overhead and asked where we were going – I told her down to Queen St and asked if she wanted to come along – and she also said yes (she had pastries to share). So I picked up two complete strangers and drove them down to Queen Street. They were super nice girls – and they were probably thinking – this girl is pretty naive…  But hey – I had to get where I needed to be!  So finally we arrived downtown – just 45 min late – not too bad considering how late I would have been if I had waited for the shuttle bus that was to be dispatched.

[The reason for the police investigation was a reported unattended bag… which conveniently was never found]

It was so nice to finally meet Michelle, Amanda, their kids and their husbands – all who I’ve heard so much about on their blogs and Facebook. But it was also nice to meet Amanda’s friend Christa and her family. We went to Riverdale Farm (via subway and street car – neither very accessible so thank you to the dads who helped me lift Alex in his stroller!), went to a diner called Ginger for some asian food, and back to a park for some play. Then back to the hotel where everyone was staying and we said goodbye. Within 5 minutes of being in the car, Alex was out, and slept until we were just about 20 min from home. Not bad, not bad.  Next time Matt will have to come and we will have to stay over!

One problem. I didn’t get a group shot of the moms!! I did get this one of the kids though – they are not looking at the camera – but they were looking in the same general direction 😉

Colin, Alex, Brandon and Poppy catching a wave.