Pumpkin Patch Fun

Over a week ago, my friend Hayley and I took our boys to Shantzholm Family Farm. I took Alex there last year (on a much nicer day).  We went early one morning, mid-week, so the wagon rides were not running, and turns out the pumpkin patch was turned into a corn maze this year, so the kids played in the kiddie maze and checked out the animals. I picked up some hay (very messy I might say), and a number of gourds for the craft show as entry way decor. It was way too early to get a real pumpkin – that adventure is still to come.



Cute photo take 1


Cute photo take 5


Cute photo take ... oh I give up.


One last effort for a cute pic - not too bad.



At least this guy somewhat cooperated - isn't he cute!



7 responses

  1. I love how it took a few tries to get both boys to put their heads in the holes 🙂 . Hopefully you’ll have nicer weather when you pick your pumpkin!

  2. It looks like a fun outing, despite the overcast day. It’s always great to get outside and do something different–even better when it’s with friends! I love the picture of the boys in the huge tractor tire.

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