Our Little Artist

Yesterday I decided to go for it – I bought fingerpaint. I remember how much fun fingerpainting was when I was little… but I also remember it as being a tad messy. But I bit the bullet and bought some tubes and let Alex have his fun.  He was a little hesitant about putting his fingers in the paint – in the end he put his whole hand in… oh well!

10 responses

  1. You are a brave, brave woman! (I never liked finger painting as a kid so I have never thought to try it with Adam and Leah — maybe I’ll suggest it as an activity for my MIL to do with the kids…)

  2. You are brave but it looks like a lot fun. I see you laid down lots of newspaper first…definitely one of those activities where the more prep you do upfront, the better it works. We will have to try it out because Daniel would love it!

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