Sunday mornings

For the last three weeks, Alex and I have been going for Sunday morning walks in our local nature area – The Old Grove. Before Alex, on my days off from work, when the weather was nice, I would take Mason there for long hikes. Now our hikes are a tad shorter, but just as much fun. I really enjoy spending the time outdoors with Alex – he loves to run and play with the sticks, and throw rocks into the water. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come since our first Old Grove adventure in Sept 2009.  How I wish I could stop time.

I have also recently taken out the book 15 Minutes outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with your Kids by Rebecca Cohen. I’m hoping it will inspire us to get outdoors more and have lots of new experiences. So long as the weather cooperates… rain rain go away!



8 responses

  1. Great pictures! We have a place we love to bring the dogs, but I don’t think we’ve been since Isabel came home, so thanks for the reminder!!
    ps – what chubby cheeks Alex had in the older post 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures. Daniel just loves hikes and being in “the forest”. Usually he goes with Andy but I’ll have to go so we can get some pictures! I loved clicking the link and seeing Alex when he was just in the stroller out for a walk. Yes, times have changed, haven’t they?!

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