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I just came across a wonderful picture book about adoption. It’s called I’m Adopted and is by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly. The book is simply written to describe the whys, whos and hows of adoption and contains lots of pictures of children of all races. The nice thing about I’m Adopted is that it is not just written for children who are adopted, but also for children who are interested to learn about adoption. I think it would be perfect to help explain adoption to a child who has a new friend who has been adopted, or a child in their class is etc.

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  1. I’ve been looking for this book. Long before we adopted, I started collecting books that are a) adoption related (also can be non-traditional families) b) charachters who are non-white c) stories set in other cultures. So, they were a staple of my (white)bio-kids reading shelves as well. Mostly I dig through books at library sales & thrift shops.

    • You will like the book Shades of People by the same author – all about the different shades of human skin and it talks about skin is just a covering that does not reveal what someone is like inside. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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