Tuesday Tidbits

a little of this… a little of that…

  • I won a safe!! Yep – you read that right – a week or so ago I entered a contest on Life as Mom and I won a fire proof file safe! Great site if you are looking to follow a mommy life / food / money saving blog.
  • Craft show is going well – and it’s this Saturday! We are completely booked and I think I’m pretty much done with crafting. I don’t necessarily have as much as I would like… but I also don’t want to have piles of stuff left over. I will be donating a few pieces that are left to Mothers in Action for Viet Nam, a very worthy cause.
  • This past weekend we attended an AMAZING event – Savour Stratford. If you are a foodie – you would LOVE this festival. It’s a 2 day festival in downtown Stratford with  food tastings, celebrity chefs, a giant market and much more. Each year it gets better and better.
  • This past Thursday, Alex and I went to the Fall Fair. Going to the fair brings back so many memories of being young! Bracelet day, riding the Zipper and the Scrambler, eating cotton candy… so much fun! Alex went on a handful of rides and we checked out the farm animals, and ate fair food.  I fell in love with a little brown calf… so sweet, and Alex experienced a cow going to the bathroom… sigh.
  • I watched Bridesmaids on the weekend as well… I must admit that while it was funny at times, it was not what I expected after all the hype. I was thinking it would be a girls version of the Hangover… and it wasn’t .
  • I’m super excited that many my favourite tv shows are starting back up… I’ve been waiting for How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory for what seems like ever… Now if only Mad Men and True Blood were starting up…

Our Little Artist

Yesterday I decided to go for it – I bought fingerpaint. I remember how much fun fingerpainting was when I was little… but I also remember it as being a tad messy. But I bit the bullet and bought some tubes and let Alex have his fun.  He was a little hesitant about putting his fingers in the paint – in the end he put his whole hand in… oh well!

Sunday mornings

For the last three weeks, Alex and I have been going for Sunday morning walks in our local nature area – The Old Grove. Before Alex, on my days off from work, when the weather was nice, I would take Mason there for long hikes. Now our hikes are a tad shorter, but just as much fun. I really enjoy spending the time outdoors with Alex – he loves to run and play with the sticks, and throw rocks into the water. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come since our first Old Grove adventure in Sept 2009.  How I wish I could stop time.

I have also recently taken out the book 15 Minutes outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with your Kids by Rebecca Cohen. I’m hoping it will inspire us to get outdoors more and have lots of new experiences. So long as the weather cooperates… rain rain go away!



Helping kids understand

I just came across a wonderful picture book about adoption. It’s called I’m Adopted and is by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly. The book is simply written to describe the whys, whos and hows of adoption and contains lots of pictures of children of all races. The nice thing about I’m Adopted is that it is not just written for children who are adopted, but also for children who are interested to learn about adoption. I think it would be perfect to help explain adoption to a child who has a new friend who has been adopted, or a child in their class is etc.

Tuesday Tidbits

I’ve been so happy to get back in a routine these last 2 weeks. Alex is going to the sitters daily again and Matt’s back to work.  I’ve been trying to get up about 15min earlier than everyone else to give me a few minutes alone to actually wake up and settled before the morning madness begins. I find it really helps in putting me in a better mood… Eventually I plan on waking up about 45 min early so I can go for a nice walk with Mason first thing… but little steps, little steps.

Fall and Summer are duking it out around here. One day it is hot (like 40C with the humidity) and the next it’s not… tonight it will be a chilly 8C overnight… gotta break out the long johns. The one nice thing is that the leaves will start to really change… must book a photographer… would love some family pics done this year (another thing for my ever growing to do list).

Last weekend we headed down to the Upper Queens park for a playdate with Henry, Alex’s besty. When we arrived, we noticed two boys we know were also there – and they too have been adopted from Korea. It was so sweet. They treated Alex and his friend like little brothers – teaching them new games and racing around the park. It didn’t matter that Alex is just 3 and they are 7 & 9 (I think) – they are truly good kids and I think they will be great friends for Alex to look up to.

Alex has been really enjoying the last batch of books I brought home:
I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin (finally read it!!), I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry, My Mommy Hung the Moon by Jamie Lee Curtis (a fav of mine too) and Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman).

Things are really coming together for the craft show (yeah!) – just under 3 weeks away – so nervous and excited at the same time.

I have been putting together some crafting / storytime sites for some of our library programmers and thought I’d share some favs – they can be used on a personal level for sure.: No Time for Flashcards, Storytime Secrets, Roving Fiddlehead.

I’m trying to finally get things up on the walls in our house (we only moved a 18 montyhs ago…) My problem is that I can’t decide on anything… very frustrating. Anyone want to come help 😉

I feel like a bad momma of a Korean child… I forgot about Cheusok… When the waves of weekend madness calm down, I plan on cooking up a feast… so, probably won’t happen until mid October – the weekend after Canadian Thanksgiving. I am praying A’s hanbok still fits.