Another Trip North

We recently returned from another week at Matt’s parents cottage. We really are quite fortunate to have their cottage as an escape. Sure it can be quite the drive – for instance for this past trip it took 3.5 hours there… 5 hours back… but when you get there and can sit back on the dock, put your feet up and look around it is definitely worth it.  Some highlights include boat rides, atv rides, raspberry picking, a number of yummy meals, and a day over at our property clearing.

Here is a photo recap of our trip

11 responses

  1. So many nice photos! I love the one with Alex, Matt and the fish! Of course the family photo is awesome, and so is that last one of you and your little man. A week away is definitely worth the driving, although I’ll never understand why the trip home always takes so much longer!!

  2. Such great photos! Love the one of you trailing behind the boat and the family photo on the rock. Looks SO relaxing. It will be nice when the kids get older and we can venture up north again – most trips used to take us 7+ hours to get anywhere decent!!

  3. Love your photos! Every time you talk about/show photos of the cottage it reminds me of my dad’s place on Lake Huron. Except I’m not sure I’m brave enough to get into the chilly water for tubing! 🙂 I love the family shot in particular.

  4. Great photos! You can really tell that Alex just loves this time up north. I love the photo of you tubing and the photo of both boys quietly sitting by the lake. Your vacation looks like a perfect way to recharge your batteries.

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