Tuesday Tidbits

I’ve decided I like Tuesday Tidbits over the name of Tuesday Thoughts…

  • I just was a solo mom for the last 3 days – and Alex and I had a great time! He was such a good boy – no real tears, lots of laughs and cuddles. Oh how I love this boy…
  • Alex is a real sweetie. On Friday it had been 15 years since my dad passed away in a drowning accident in Lake Huron. For a number of reasons I didn’t get to the cemetery until Sunday night. I told Alex that this was his other “Papa”. He replied “My Papa?” then he walked through the flowers and gave the tombstone a hug… melt. my. heart!
  • Did you know that there is only 69 days to Halloween? 86 days until Breaking Dawn Part 1? And 123 days till Christmas?  All 3 are on my mind.
  • There are also only 38 days until my craft show! We have pretty much all the tables booked I’m happy to say! Only about 1.5 left… Yeah! Also I’ve been crafting to get my booth ready. I have a dozen carnation brooches made, a dozen poppy brooches, 2 dozen bookmarks… and I’m working on a calendar and some really cool felt Christmas decorations. I’m having a hard time deciding what to make – I want to make everything!
  • We just spent a  week up at the cottage… so relaxing. While there we cleared quite a large area.  It was nice to see the property taking shape… even just a little bit.
  • On Friday night we got to get all dressed up and go out on the town! Our friends rented a limo… yes… a beautiful stretch limo (you can see pics on my Facebook if we connect there), and went down to Toronto for dinner. It was one of the most relaxing drives I have ever had on the 401 (may or may not have had anything to do with the glass of wine in my hand). We had dinner at a restaurant called Barberians, a historic steak house in downtown TO.  The food was amazing… and the bill in the end was a small fortune, but hey – we had a great time!
  • Fall is in the air around here. I’ve seen leaves changing colour and there is Halloween stuff in all the stores. I must admit, I’m really looking forward a change of seasons.


8 responses

  1. What a cutie Alex is!! I’m sure 15 years seems like yesterday and a long time ago all in one. I’m sure your dad would have been totally in love with his little Korean grandson.

    While I’ve been fighting the end of summer, I must admit that I am enjoying the cool mornings and nights here. And there is a part of me getting excited about fall and Halloween. Andy had the boys try on their costumes this past week. So fun.

  2. i like tuesday tidbits! 😉 so much sweetness. so love that alex hugged his papa’s tombstone. melted my heart too! can NOT wait to hear about this craft show! did i miss a post? good luck on all the preparations!! i totally understand the feeling of wanting to make everything. i have to make myself make a list and only go off the list. maybe a sneak preview of some items? 😉 i’m right there with you on the change of seasons…can no wait to see it start to change down here…cool weathers…scarves…sweaters…ahhhh!

  3. Oh, what a sweetheart Alex is . . .
    Thanks for the countdown for Halloween – I’m already on the hunt for costumes and I’m trying to decide if Xander and Isabel will coordinate.
    Taking a limo to Toronto sounds like the best way to travel!!

  4. First, I’m so very sorry about your dad, even though it’s been a while… it’s never an easy thing. The fact that Alex could do something so wonderful is a memory I hope you hold forever.

    Second, I think you know I’m ALL about Halloween these days… 🙂 Christmas scares me though.

  5. oh my goodness, that story of alex at the cemetery just about melted my heart!! i’m sure his papa would have adored him.
    and i love that you are counting down to breaking dawn — hilarious!

  6. It really is crazy how quickly it seems like fall is coming! Cuddles are awesome. You sure have a sweet little boy. I’m sure Alex would have adored your Dad, too. Papas are such heroes to their little grandsons!

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