3 years, 3 months

That’s how old Alex is today. Wow. A proper update is long overdue – don’t feel like you need to fully read this, it’s really for my records 🙂

The Specs
Height – 38.5″ Weight 34lbs
I’ve heard that when you turn 3, you are about half of your adult height – if that works out to be accurate, Alex is going to be over 6ft tall!  He is feeling heavier and heavier all the time – or my arms are getting weaker and weaker

Well, we are getting there. Alex tries to say a lot – but it just isn’t very clear. We are working on getting him to finish words – that is his problem. He will say “bo” rather than boat or “nigh time” rather than night-time. It’s coming… but just slowly. The good thing is that he is finally repeating like a little parrot – but the bad thing is that he is repeating like a little parrot. Even those 4 letter words… as I learned the hard way…

Potty Training
I think we did it! We were relatively laid back about the whole potty training thing. We actively promoted the use of the toilet by just not putting Alex in his pull-up when he was home. At the sitters, he wanted to be like all the other boys, so he would always use the toilet like them, often coming home with the same pull-up we sent him in.  Now he is wearing undies all day long and accidents are very few and far between (although we did have an unfortunate incident yesterday afternoon while Alex was sitting on my lap… sigh). Alex is generally dry all night long – but we do take him for a sleepy pee before we go to bed so I think that helps.  On the way home from Cleveland on Sunday we risked it and Alex wore his undies the whole drive (took us 10 hours due to a trip to the outlet malls…) and no problems!! The only real issue we now have is that Alex tends to hold his poo for a few days at a time making it quite painful when the time comes…  we are working on that one.  Matt’s parents just got back from a trip to England and while there they picked up some Thomas the Train undies form Marks & Spencer’s. They are just adorable… but they are more of a panty form rather than a brief, so his little cheeks hang out sometimes – too funny!

This and That
We’ve noticed recently that Alex is in a bit of a new stage. He’s still a lot of fun. Very smart, imaginative and energetic… sometimes crazy energetic! He often is literally running circles around me – think of Elf in the circular doors in the movie Elf.   He has an amazing memory.  He is also funny – playing jokes on us all the time.  And he’s actually playing with Mason! Finally!
Alex had his first dentist apt. over a month ago (did I mention that before?) – he did very well.
Alex has changed his eating habits and often doesn’t want to eat which drives me nuts (I know – it’s a phase), and he isn’t the most well-behaved child recently when we go out to dinner… working on that one.
A few nights a week Alex still gets up at least once, but thankfully he has that double bed which allows us to go to him and allows everyone to get a decent night sleep. And the last 3 nights he has slept into 8:30!! Woot woot!

What Alex Loves…
ice cream ~ playing “bad guys” ~ Spider Man ~ Batman ~ fishing ~ atvs ~ boats ~ trailers ~ slip n’ slide ~ storytime ~ the library ~ his friends Henry, Preston & Blair ~ candy ~  helping dig ~ bath time ~ Mason ~ bike rides ~ veggies ~ fruit ~ chips (sigh) ~ jumping ~ gum (thank you Mr Dentist) ~ Caillou ~ Max & Ruby ~ bike rides ~ dancing ~ picking his nose (sigh)

What Alex Doesnt Love
swimming (working on that) ~ helping clean up ~ working on his speech ~ sticky hands ~ onions ~ taking medicine

Special Things Alex Does That We Love
I hug Alex and he pats me on the back ~ When he says “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” in his special way ~ When Alex talks like he is absolutely exhausted ~ Alex’s amazing dance moves – must get video ~ When he sings “I don’t know” by the Sheepdogs ~ When Alex thanks us for no real reason – a simple “Ti Ti Momma” over something like eating corn for dinner.

11 responses

    • So, I’m an idiot who didn’t realize your post said 3 years, 3 months. Sigh. Blame my overworked, sleep-deprived brain.

      Still, 39 months is an awesome age!

      Skulking off to refill my mug of coffee. Clearly, I need it.

  1. Hooray for potty training! Hooray for better sleeping! Hooray for his great sense of humour! I love this age! It is so much fun to see how their little imaginations work. I would not be happy with the dentist about the gum. Alex has an amazing list of things he loves! I can’t wait to see his dance moves!

  2. Hurray for potty training!! And I would think surviving a 10 hour drive definitely qualifies as potty trained (as well as torture for the parents LOL).

    He’s a big boy! He’s got Rory beat in height and weight, except she’s almost 5. 🙂

  3. There are some amazing things you are doing Alex!!! I love updates, and this one ROCKS. My favorite part?? Playing with Mason. 🙂

  4. When X first started talking he only said the first syllable of everything and then he started talking like crazy before we knew it 🙂 This is a great update – too funny about the dentist getting him hooked on gum. If you can figure out how to stop the nose picking let me know.
    ps- how was the shopping?

  5. Great news on the speech and potty-training! I am very impressed about the 10 hour drive. The 3 year old stage brings about so much new– not always good, but it’s amazing to see how much our kids are soaking in. I think the food thing is definitely a phase– Adam is totally like that. We have our great eating days and our days where I don’t know how he has enough energy to get through his day. Alex is still a healthy, growing, big boy! I may be wrong, but I think that the adult height projection is double their height at 2 years of age. We did that for Adam, and projected that he would be about 5′ 11″, which made sense.

  6. D had the same problems with pooping on the potty, but last weekend we had a major breakthrough. Before that, he used to hold it for days…freaking me out…he’d say, “Poop!” but then would freak out when we’d try to get him on the toilet. Something changed last weekend. All I can tell is he wants to use his small potty chair for that business, not the insert that goes on the full size toilet. Maybe something about having his feet in the floor or not hanging out over the big toilet? Not sure, but glad he is OK with it now. Almost too much.

    I love reading about his stats, he progress on speech (I know it seems slow), and all the things he loves and doesn’t love. I’d say be OK with chips if he also likes veggies. I have to be sneaky with veggies in addition to regular presentation of them with D…not so much a fan.

  7. What a great update. I love this format and may have to copy it in a update about Daniel. It sounds like Alex is in a really good place these days. It’s so nice to be in a period of stability rather than instability. Yay for potty training! You obviously had a good approach!!

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