Ok – this post should just about get me up to date!

Last week we got away to the cottage for about 8 days… and lucky for us the weather was amazing! We usually are stuck with rain. We relaxed, swam, boated, visited our property, rode the ATV, and hosted some friends for a few days. Alex was  a real trooper when we went over to our land – we did a little clearing!  5 whole trees! That’s huge when you are with a 3 year old, and well, your wife is me. Also he went the majority of the trip in his undies or his swimming trunks!  We are almost there.  It was in all a great time away. And as strange as it sounds, it was nice to spend so much time with Alex! Since I work full-time, and Alex goes to the sitter most days (except in the summer – then he halves his time with Matt), I miss so much. But that week away we got to really just reconnect. I had started a listing of all the fun things I wanted to post about, but I’ve somehow misplaced it… but that’s ok – just know it was a great time.  I really learned a hard lesson on the way home though. We were on the back roads, being detoured all over the place due to construction – and after finding yet another detour, I had it – and said the “f word” – and guess who else said the word? You got it… Not cool.

Mason was in his glory - hunting frogs.




14 responses

  1. I love the photo of Alex in the sink!

    Sounds like a great time away — it’s so important to have family time without the intrusion of work.

  2. What a fabulous getaway. I’m glad to hear that the weather was so good for you. Way to go, Alex, on progress with toilet training. As a fellow full-time working Mom, I know what you mean about getting to spend so much time with Alex. It is precious time!

  3. It sounds like a lovely, peaceful vacation! I worked full-time until Camden was 4.5, so I completely understand about taking advantage of the time you have together. And the picture of Alex in the sink is the best!

  4. He is so CUTE!
    It really sounds like a perfect week. And hey, you taught him a new word LOL.
    I love the picture of you in the lake. I miss swimming in lakes.

  5. What a beautiful week to get away to cottage country!! You got some great photos too. It’s amazing how rejuvenated you can feel after only a week away from the daily grind. I’m sorry but I did chuckle a little at the f-word incident. Has he been repeating it?

  6. Your cabin sounds so peaceful and perfect. And I have to agree, the bath in the sink picture had me, too! I have to admit, I had my share of foul mouth slip ups, ugh!!!!

  7. This sure looks like a fabulous trip! Everyone looks like they had so much fun…even your dog! We are going up to the Apostle Islands soon for a week of relaxing and playing on the shores and water of Lake Superior. Cannot wait!

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