On My Bookshelf

I just finished a book that was recommended to me… and feel I should recommend it to you!  It’s called “Please Look After Mom” and is written by Kyung-Sook Shin.  Shin is actually one of the most popular novelists in Korea, but this is her first book written in English.

In “Please Look After Mom”, Shin looks at the relationship of a mother and her children, as well as with her husband.  The mother goes missing at Seoul Station (we all know how busy the subways are in Seoul!) and the family is trying to find her, but they quickly realize they never really ever knew their mother.  It’s a very moving story and will make you appreciate your mother and all she does, even more than you already do.

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  1. It’s been on my kindle for a few weeks but have not started it. I had heard mixed reviews about it so I wasn’t as excited to read it … BUT thanks for inspiring me to start it!

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