Blast Ball!

On Saturday I finally got to experience “blast ball” with Alex. It’s been going on for quite a while, but I’ve been either working, we’ve been away, or it’s been raining.  Alex has attended 2 out of the 8 games. Oh well.  Let me just say, I think he will be more into it next year – there is just so much going on, and it’s hard for anyone to stay focused (except for Alex’s friend Henry – he a Blast Ball Boy for sure!). And it was hot – really hot, almost disgustingly hot.

– Check the background of the second picture – see the dad chasing the boy? That’s what is mostly going on during the games.
– I have a feeling I’m going to turn into one of those psycho sport moms – at one point I was dragging Alex to the base. Better work on that….

11 responses

  1. I LOVE the second picture! The expression on Alex’s face is too funny, along with his body language :). Hopefully he’ll be more into it next year.

  2. Blast ball sounds great! Poppy is on a soccer team sponsored by timmy ho’s too! And I feel your pain about trying to restrain yourself from being a psycho sports mom!

  3. That second picture is priceless! That’s how I feel in the heat too though…

    I’m so scared about what this sports thing is going to bring out in me. VERY scared.

    (Is blast ball like our t-ball then?!)

  4. Well, that looks fun!!! I LOVE (really, really LOVE) that second shot. Awwww. From the looks of things…I think we call this sport “t-ball”…is blast ball different? Sounds more “active” to me?!? I think it is neat that the dads (and/or moms) go out on the field with the kids. Probably a good idea.

  5. ha! i am totally giggling at that second picture! blast ball is hard work, huh? 😉
    and i’m right there with you about being a crazy sports mom…i fear that is my future…

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