Seoul Siblings

Well, the name has changed. Our local group of little Korean boys now has a little girl in the midst!  And we met this little darling on Sunday, along with the other Seoul Sibs at Storybook Gardens in London.   For those who are new to our blog (and I know there are some of you out there!) the Seoul Siblings now consists of:

Like all the other gatherings, we had a great time.  Even with the sub artic temperatures!  So much for June warmth.  The boys had fun on the amusement park rides, playing on the amazing climbers, chasing the geese, checking out the animals, and riding the train and merry-go-round (except my son when I removed him from the merry-go-round.  That was not a pretty sceen.  The moms and dads all chatted and got caught up – it was so nice to see everyone again.  The last time we were “almost” all together was back in October! Way too long.  Luckily we will see most of the group again in July at the annual “Brickman Picnic” (thank you Brickmans!).   So here it is… the photo dump from Sunday!

Ahh... nope. Not going down this slide Momma!

Moments before Alex peed through his pull up... all over the equipment... sigh.

Jump Lucas Jump!

Matthew & Isabel hanging out.

I'm standing in front of Adam - that's how high up he is!

Daniel also loved the climbers.

I just like this one.

The frog shot - a must at Storybook Gardens

Daniel, Adam & Alex

Run Geese Run!

Very cute pic of Adam


Alex and Xander on the elephant ride

Emily & Isabel smiling

Getting boys to pose... not so easy. Lucas? Where did you go?


Passed out... (after a honey dip donut fix)

9 responses

  1. So many cute pictures, Krista! Of course this last one is adorable, but I also love the cool perspective you got on the tube slide and the one of Daniel, Adam and Alex holding hands. Too cute. Somehow I missed that shot! We really enjoyed visiting with everyone. Perhaps a June trip to Storybook Gardens should become an annual event for a few years until the boys are too old for it?!

  2. We had a really good time too! We need to get together more often while the weather is decent for driving. The last pic of Alex is too cute!!

  3. We had such a blast with everyone, and are definitely looking forward to seeing most of you at the Brickman picnic this summer. You captured some great shots, Krista! I really love the one of the boys holding hands, and the one of Xander and Alex on the elephant ride. Alex has a great expression!!

  4. So many of these made me laugh out loud, but mostly the group shots and the one of A and X on the ride (with A’s eyes shut…craks me up every time). The group shots are always hilarious…during the photo shoot and of course to view afterwards. Can I just say that Ferris Wheels freak me out? (Seriously…I had close to a panic attack on one once…seriously.) Isn’t it great getting together with other folks just like us? I love it every time.

  5. So fun! I love the Seoul Siblings! The photo of the three boys holding hands is adorable, and I also love the one of Alex and Xander on the elephant. (Max does that same thing with his eyes!).

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  7. SO MANY great shots!! I actually can’t pick a favorite since every one you posted emotes some sort of feeling. (Although I can MOST relate to the “sigh” photo) 😉 Have I mentioned I’m SUPER jealous of this little group?!

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