Seoul Siblings

Well, the name has changed. Our local group of little Korean boys now has a little girl in the midst!  And we met this little darling on Sunday, along with the other Seoul Sibs at Storybook Gardens in London.   For those who are new to our blog (and I know there are some of you out there!) the Seoul Siblings now consists of:

Like all the other gatherings, we had a great time.  Even with the sub artic temperatures!  So much for June warmth.  The boys had fun on the amusement park rides, playing on the amazing climbers, chasing the geese, checking out the animals, and riding the train and merry-go-round (except my son when I removed him from the merry-go-round.  That was not a pretty sceen.  The moms and dads all chatted and got caught up – it was so nice to see everyone again.  The last time we were “almost” all together was back in October! Way too long.  Luckily we will see most of the group again in July at the annual “Brickman Picnic” (thank you Brickmans!).   So here it is… the photo dump from Sunday!

Ahh... nope. Not going down this slide Momma!

Moments before Alex peed through his pull up... all over the equipment... sigh.

Jump Lucas Jump!

Matthew & Isabel hanging out.

I'm standing in front of Adam - that's how high up he is!

Daniel also loved the climbers.

I just like this one.

The frog shot - a must at Storybook Gardens

Daniel, Adam & Alex

Run Geese Run!

Very cute pic of Adam


Alex and Xander on the elephant ride

Emily & Isabel smiling

Getting boys to pose... not so easy. Lucas? Where did you go?


Passed out... (after a honey dip donut fix)



60:40 is what I’d say Alex’s ratio is for using the potty. That’s right folks – we are almost there!  We are not full out “potty training” – but instead, just promoting it’s use. It’s pretty hard when we are not with Alex 24/7 – although our sitter is really good in getting Alex to go on the toilet with all the other kids before they go outside and play and before nap.  So most days, Alex comes home with the same diaper on that he had when I sent him.  I guess I shouldn’t say diaper – we have pretty much moved on to Pull Ups (except at night).

One thing that helps keep Alex dry through the night is that for the last week or so, Matt and I go in before we go to bed, and put Alex on the toilet. He’s still sleeping, but we whisper “go pee pee, it’s potty time” and he pees! My dad used to do that for me when he got home from his late work shifts and according to my mom it really works.

Most morning’s Alex is dry as well, and usually (but not always), we can get him to go pee right away on the toilet [using this cool potty seat – thank you Gifts to Grow Pampers points!], or we take off his diaper (usually kicking and screaming) and he has no excuse but to use the potty.  There is a potty in the tv room so he just sits when he needs too – and will tell us too: “Yeah Pee Pee!”

And not just pee – no siree! On May 26, Alex had his first poop on the toilet! Afterwards we went and bought a cool new Spiderman ATV toy as a reward [seriously – I had no idea I would be so obsessed and excited over bowel movements and use of the toilet].  He then went a full week pooping on the toilet – even when we went away to the cottage.  He also peed pretty much 100% of the time on the toilet as well that week.

So we are almost there.  The only real problem is that Alex seems to think that even if he tries to use the toilet he deserves a treat.  We made the mistake of starting to give him smarties after a bathroom success – should have gone with stickers.



I wrote the above post on Saturday.  Two funny instances since:

1. At Storybook Gardens, Alex was so excited to play with the Seoul Siblings that he wouldn’t go to the washroom with me. Within 15 minutes he peed through his pull-up – and strangely it wasn’t actually wet! He must have had some crazy wedgie going on.

2. On Tuesday night, Alex had to go “#2” and he told Matt (so very proud!) and Matt got him on the toilet on time and all was good.  Then about 10 minutes later, he had to go again… and he wasn’t wearing a pull up at this point… and well, they didn’t make it in time. All over the floor and wall from my understanding. I was luckily at work and missed the fun times.