Random Notes

These days I feel life is running so fast that I just can’t catch up – at least not on my blog in proper posts … Sigh. But random notes, that I can do. So before I lose the info from my overstuffed brain, here’s a purge… 
  • I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. [If you need an invite, let me know] I’ve been having too much fun seeing what lovely things my friends pin and what others in the world pin. I’ve also decided we are going to have the most beautiful cottage from all the pins I’ve gathered – gotta start playing the lottery. 
  • I recently created a felt floral brooch for Mothers in Action for Viet Nam – a project my friend KerryAnne has taken on. I’m honoured to be helping her with this project [and if you can, go buy something! 100% of the proceeds will be going towards helping children in need. No pressure 😉 ]
  • I came home the other night from work and Matt had taught Alex to say Momma Mia! Adorable! Even funnier is that I was catching up on some blogs the following day and a certain little C is doing the same thing!
  • Matt and I are going out on a “double date” tonight to the movies – [feels like highschool!] We are off to see Hangover 2 – should be a hoot! Alex is at my mom’s for a sleepover – Thank you Mom!
  • Last Friday night we took my mom to see the Beach Boys! It was essentially my mom’s first concert – she was so excited! Especially since her name is Rhonda… 
  • Matt bought us tickets today to go see “Rise Against” in October in London (Ontario)! Yep – I’m a hard rock girl at heart!
  • Last weekend I took Alex to the Railway Heritage Day in Stratford. He LOVED it!  Dozens of miniature trains in a giant hall. A little boy’s dream!
  • A co-worker and I are coordinating a craft show for the Library this coming October! It’s being called “Handmade Culture” to coordinate with Culture Days in Ontario.  So I am busy getting ideas for things to make as part of the sale.  
  • I’m published! I was reading Cottage Life magazine yesterday, and noticed a comment I made about the importance PFD’s was printed in the magazine! June 2011 page 15 to be precise. 
  • And I’m super excited about tomorrow.  Matt and I will be taking Alex to Storybook Gardens… and will be meeting up with the “Seoul Siblings” – can’t call them just bro’s now! There is a beautiful little girl now in the mix!