Random Notes

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada – Victoria Day! Gotta love celebrating the birthday of a long gone Queen. I’ll take anything to take a day off! I had work on Saturday, so after that it was pure “relaxation”.

Saturday morning Alex started his “blast ball”.  If you are not sure what blast ball is, you are not alone. I had no clue until this spring! Blast ball is like t-ball – you hit a ball off the tee, then run to a base and jump on it – and it squeaks. There is only one base.   It’s for 3-5 year olds – so a perfect start for Alex. Unfortunately I was working so I didn’t get to see how it went… but according to Matt it really didn’t go at all. Alex wouldn’t even walk across the field. I think the hundred or so little kids running and screaming made him a tad overwhelmed. In the end Matt took Alex out of the situation – he wouldn’t participate at all.  Poor guy.

Over the long weekend we had some decent weather which allowed me to get into the garden a bit. I worked up the garden I dug last year, planted a lilac bush and a mock orange bush. I also battled… the dreaded leatherjacket.  These nasty creatures are everywhere! They turn into crane flies later in the summer.  I’m waging a battle against these suckers.  I have been getting Alex involved (inspired from this book I won from this lovely lady last year).  Probably shouldn’t be teaching Alex to hate bugs – but seriously – did you look at them? The rain has been pushing them out of the ground (or should I say mud thank you very much mr leather jacket – they eat the roots to your grass) and the birds have been having a hay day.  Nasty people – Nasty!

Yesterday we tried a new dish – Chicken Panang – it was pretty good! Did I make it you may ask – ahh… no. Did we eat out? No. Take out? No.  I’ve found a new local “underground” service where a you can order premade meals and freeze them so you can use them as needed! Love it! Pick up my next order tomorrow (crab, spinach and cheese cannelloni).

Last night Matt was telling Alex to dream about the regular things – “boats, hockey, and atvs” – but to mainly dream about ATVs because we are going to be going to the cottage soon and he’ll get to ride on “pappa’s.” He got sooo excited! He clenched his hands and his teeth and started shaking! Love him!

7 responses

  1. Xander is like that too when there is too much commotion and too many kids 😦
    And those bugs???? NASTY!! It reminds me of when I taugh a bug unit to my JK’s (all lovey dovey bugs) and then I saw a nasty thing with too many legs in the middle of the class room floor and I stomped on it right in front of the kids. I didn’t teach the unit again 🙂

  2. Happy Victoria Day! Blast ball sounds cool, too bad it didnt’ work out. Gabe gets like that too in situations like that.

  3. I’m sure that blast ball will get better! It was probably really overwhelming for him for the first time. Way to go on getting into the garden! That’s an awesome service to be able to get pre-made meals from a service like you did. I’m sure they must have them out my way. Is it pretty reasonable?

  4. Hopefully blast ball went better this week, but poor Alex…does he have a friend on the team that he can stick with? I don’t know what Daniel would do without Adam at all of his programs.
    I love the idea of pre-made meals. Such a smart business idea! How often do you get them? Do you pick them up at a shop or someone’s house?

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