Mobile Musings…

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone? No – well, I do. I take quite a few pictures, but never enough, on my phone, but never think to upload them. And guess what – just did, so here is a few of my recent favs (can you tell I play with Instrgram and Hipstamatic?)

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  1. These are great photos! I LOVE the one of Alex eating out of the bowl! I need to get me an iphone – just for the camera, so I can quickly grab those elusive shots that always get away from me as I run to get my bulky DSLR! And of course I love the filters on these pics!

  2. My husband just got an iPhone (and I’ll be getting one in October when my mobile contract is up for renewal). We both LOVE it…and I’m always taking his phone to use it for things, especially when we are on-the-go. We’ve been having fun figuring out the camera and all the cool effects you can use. But…I still have not uploaded any into the computer here…need to do so SOON. We also just got an iPad…I feel like we just jumped forward about a decade in technology around here. YAY!

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