The Buggy Birthday Bash!

This past Saturday we threw Alex a Buggy Birthday Bash… and not just one bash, but two bashes! Before I go any further – I do not recommend throwing two parties in one day – way too much stress.  Party #1 was 11am – 1pm and was geared towards Alex’s toddler friends. Party #2 was for family and ran 4:30-8pm.

First off, the invitations were designed by the one and the only Christine from Leap Frog Lane.

She also designed a banner.

I also used the A from the banner for the Loot Bag thank yous for the kiddies.

Some other decor…


(inspired by Christine again… isn’t she great?)

With the buggy theme we had gummy worms and butterflies for the kids, as well as a fun bug hunt. There was a problem however – it had rained all day on Friday leaving a pile of water in our back yard. I tried to contact the parents and warn them to bring rubber boots, but sadly many did not get the message in time. There were a few wet and muddy bums, but for the most part the  kids did not mind.

And as always, I seemed to forget to use my camera most of the day.  I was seriously worn out by the time the party began!

Here are a few random party shots.

Not necessarily recommending this game…

Dessert for party #1

By party #2, I was really tired and forgot to take pictures… again… even of the cake balls! And the ones I did take were not very good. I did catch this one. I think Alex liked them. 

Thank you to all our friends and family for celebrating with us!

18 responses

  1. So.much.FUN!!!!!!

    The bug idea was perfect and everything looked fantastic! I’m sure the rain didn’t put a damper the party.

    Happy Birthday to Alex! He’s cute as ever and getting to be such a big boy!

  2. Wow! 2 parties in 1 day? You are a very brave woman. Even though it sounds exhausting, it definitely looks like Alex had a great time. Love all the buggy details!

  3. Come on- I want to hear details about the game you ‘do not recommend’ haha

    Yes, Christine IS awesomely talented 🙂

    Happy day, Alex and your momma rocked a great party (I mean TWO) crazy woman.

  4. Adorable theme for the party! I love the invitiation and banner and then how you coordinated everything. I know what you mean about being too tired to take photos. Of course my camera battery died just before Daniel’s party as well, so I’m glad Belle was there with her camera!

  5. Wow! It looks like a fun time! I love your theme and the decorations – Christine’s designs are so awesome. Happy 3rd birthday to Alex!

  6. I love every single detail here… and there are so many! I’m so impressed with everything you did, AND that you had two parties in one day… Wow! You *are* superwoman!

    {Thanks for the shout out sweet friend!}

    PS – so should I avoid cake pops for S’s day?!

  7. Two parties in one day?!! You are an amazing Mom. What we do for our children!! Again, beautiful work, Christine, and great job bringing everything together, Krista. I love the theme and you did so great with it! I don’t know when I’ll host Adam’s first kiddie party, but it makes me nervous just thinking about it. So crazy! Good for you for going with it. You must have been so exhausted at the end of the day.

  8. What fun! I love the theme and the parties look so fun! And I bet the fact that there was mud involved meant the kids had even MORE fun! Can’t believe you had TWO in one day. Exhausted much? I love all the details you thought of and the invite by Christine is just darling.

  9. i don’t see how i missed this post!! those invites were adorable! great work on everything! you worked so hard on his parties! i used to love mud as dessert. my step aunt would make it in a flower pot. clean of course. yum!

  10. back to back parties?! jeepers! you are the WOMAN!
    love all of these details, and of course, the brilliant work by ccl! looks like it was a smashing success!

  11. TWO parties in one day?! Wow…that would probably make my head explode. I’m impressed…but won’t be following suit (remind me of that if I get any crazy ideas). LOVE the invites & other paper creations by CCL…that chick is amazing! I LOVE (!) gummy worms…in fact I think I’ll need to buy some on my day off — and maybe (?) share a bite or two with D.

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