Can you believe…

that Alex is THREE today? I certainly can’t!  This day has come way too quickly.

We decided to postpone any celebrations until after work today.  First of all – the celebratory dinner.  Alex’s favourite – McD*nald’s cheeseburger Happy Meal.

And what’s a meal without a meltdown… Sigh. 

But in the end there was some sharing.

And there was fun with balloons – what’s a birthday without a few balloons?

But the real excitement happened outdoors…

Can you say spoiled?

Alex is a real natural that’s for sure.  This is what our boy dreams about every day.  Seriously – each night we tell him to dream about “boats, hockey and ATVs”.

Then there was cake… yum…

We love you little man!

Stay tuned for the Buggy Birthday Bash happening this weekend!

20 responses

  1. happy 3rd birthday, alex!!! what a fun celebration! can’t wait to hear all about the buggy b-day bash too! and holy moly…that is one sweeeet ride! alex certainly does look like a pro! ( ohh, and love the meltdown pic too…makes me feel so much better to see that noah isn’t the only one that has them. ) 🙂

  2. What a beautiful family picture Krista! That would look so great in a frame… but one question?? Where’s your Habs shirt?? 😉

  3. Wow, what a present!! (and I like the car it was wrapped in 🙂 ). That is one cool picture of Alex riding his ATV!!

  4. I really cannot believe that our boys are three this week! And I must tell you that I have seen that exact same meltdown face on Daniel so many times recently. Oh, give us strength! I can tell you’re just rolling with it, because you blog about it so matter of factly, and you casually take a photo!! I’ve got a few good photos of such a face now too! Par for the course, I suppose. The good times certainly outweigh those times, and I love your new family picture! Best of luck with the birthday party on Saturday!

  5. oh my goodness…3? Happy Birthday Alex!! wow he DID look like a natural on his new ATV!! love the last picture of you guys!! can’t wait to see pictures from this birthday bash!!

  6. So much to say… I think we need a skype date my friend!

    First… happy 3rd birthday Alex!!! WOOT!
    Second… SWEET RIDE MAN!!!
    Third… we had the SAME dinner here tonight. 🙂 Complete with meltdown due to toy not being what was expected. 🙂
    Fourth… that family photo is GORGEOUS!
    Fifth… Happy celebrating this weekend!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Alex! I just love your latest family photo. What a great shot. What birthday isn’t without some sort of tears? I’m glad things got much better once Alex saw his birthday surprise. That 4 wheeler is going to give him hours of entertainment outside!

  8. Awww, love that family photo. Happy (belated) birthday Mr. Three Year Old! I can’t believe you get to drive that awesome machine, dude. Lucky you! Oh and the meltdown photo looks so familiar … oy.

  9. Oh…three? Really? How can that be already?
    Is it bad that I totally laughed at the “melt down” photo? I totally love that you included that in here…because it is so real and we all have been there.
    And…that ride? Seriously? I’m not even showing Little D those photos…nope, he’ll be moving in with you for sure.

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