Random Notes

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada – Victoria Day! Gotta love celebrating the birthday of a long gone Queen. I’ll take anything to take a day off! I had work on Saturday, so after that it was pure “relaxation”.

Saturday morning Alex started his “blast ball”.  If you are not sure what blast ball is, you are not alone. I had no clue until this spring! Blast ball is like t-ball – you hit a ball off the tee, then run to a base and jump on it – and it squeaks. There is only one base.   It’s for 3-5 year olds – so a perfect start for Alex. Unfortunately I was working so I didn’t get to see how it went… but according to Matt it really didn’t go at all. Alex wouldn’t even walk across the field. I think the hundred or so little kids running and screaming made him a tad overwhelmed. In the end Matt took Alex out of the situation – he wouldn’t participate at all.  Poor guy.

Over the long weekend we had some decent weather which allowed me to get into the garden a bit. I worked up the garden I dug last year, planted a lilac bush and a mock orange bush. I also battled… the dreaded leatherjacket.  These nasty creatures are everywhere! They turn into crane flies later in the summer.  I’m waging a battle against these suckers.  I have been getting Alex involved (inspired from this book I won from this lovely lady last year).  Probably shouldn’t be teaching Alex to hate bugs – but seriously – did you look at them? The rain has been pushing them out of the ground (or should I say mud thank you very much mr leather jacket – they eat the roots to your grass) and the birds have been having a hay day.  Nasty people – Nasty!

Yesterday we tried a new dish – Chicken Panang – it was pretty good! Did I make it you may ask – ahh… no. Did we eat out? No. Take out? No.  I’ve found a new local “underground” service where a you can order premade meals and freeze them so you can use them as needed! Love it! Pick up my next order tomorrow (crab, spinach and cheese cannelloni).

Last night Matt was telling Alex to dream about the regular things – “boats, hockey, and atvs” – but to mainly dream about ATVs because we are going to be going to the cottage soon and he’ll get to ride on “pappa’s.” He got sooo excited! He clenched his hands and his teeth and started shaking! Love him!

Books On My Nightstand

Yes, I’m still here – just absent from the blogging world longer than I wish – but that’s life with a 3 year old! It’s busy! And after working on a computer all day, often the last thing I want to do at night is to hang out on my computer yet again. I am more often hanging out with a bag of chips and a glass of wine on the couch watching “How I Met Your Mother” or “Big Bang Theory”.

The one thing I still continue to do everything however is read. Books help me relax, and this working momma needs that.  I don’t read as much as I used to, but I still ensure I get a few minutes each night.   I am currently reading “Fear The Worst” by Linwood Barclay – I’m not far enough in it is tell if I’m going to enjoy it yet or not.

Recently I have read:

“The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” and “The Girl that Played with Fire”, both by Steig Larsson. I thought they were great!! They were (for the most part) fast paced and kept my attention – which caused me to stay up way too late more than once.  I’m going to be starting “The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” shortly. I can’t wait to see how the trilogy ends.

The book I just finished was “Secret Daughter” by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. This book was one of the best I’ve read in a long time.  It is about a three women – one in India, and one in California, and the daughter shared between the two.  One of the reviews on Amazon described the book perfectly – “On the surface, this is the story of a child born in terrible circumstances, the twist of fate that changes her life, and her adolescent search for self that creates ripples with the people who surround her. Yet there are many more layers to this novel. There is great complexity in the relationships between parent and child, and husband and wife, making them both realistic and heartbreaking. There are the questions of class, education, gender and culture in our globalized society, so beautifully illustrated through two seemingly opposite families. The characters are imperfect, but they all learn and grow through their experiences”

I personally felt that Gowda was able to accurately describe many of the emotions with adoption – through many different view points.  The emotions of infertility, the pain of making the best possible choice for your baby, the feelings of being adopted, the fears of an adoptive mom, and the strength of a mother’s love.   At times I thought she was reading my mind. For that reason alone, I would love my friends to read this book – so they may understand some of the feelings I have had in the past – and may have in the future.  Well, that reason and the fact that it is  compelling, well paced, and a great story.  One of the lines that I feel really resonates is “the family you create is more important than the one you’re born into.” How very true.  If you are going to read this book – have some tissues handy – it’s at times a real tear jerker.

I was actually just trying to find my last book blog post – and it was in November.  November! Yikes! Other good books I’ve read since then included:

Baby, We Were Meant for Each Other” by Scott Simon (4 out of 5)
Little Bee” by Chris Cleave (4 out of 5)
Room” by Emma Donoghue (5 out of 5) – if you click on the link, be sure to watch the book trailer.
The Help” by Kathryn Stockett (5 out of 5)

So what are you reading? Any good suggestions? One I’m interested in is “Little Princes“.

Mobile Musings…

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone? No – well, I do. I take quite a few pictures, but never enough, on my phone, but never think to upload them. And guess what – just did, so here is a few of my recent favs (can you tell I play with Instrgram and Hipstamatic?)

I Won!

I was so excited recently to find out that I won a prize off one of the adoption blogs that I read!  The blog is Life with Lauryn, written by an amazing mommy – Lisa. She and her husband adopted a beautiful little girl named Lauryn from China last year.

I was quite surprised at the size of the box in the mailbox! I wish the picture turned out more clear… but you get the gist of it.  There were colouring books, crayons, bubbles, a fun ice cube tray, treats for Mason, treats for Matt and I, play doh, and a slinky! So much fun! Out of everything, Alex loves the ice cub tray the most. Silly guy!  So thank you thank you thank you Lisa, Kyle and Lauryn!

The Buggy Birthday Bash!

This past Saturday we threw Alex a Buggy Birthday Bash… and not just one bash, but two bashes! Before I go any further – I do not recommend throwing two parties in one day – way too much stress.  Party #1 was 11am – 1pm and was geared towards Alex’s toddler friends. Party #2 was for family and ran 4:30-8pm.

First off, the invitations were designed by the one and the only Christine from Leap Frog Lane.

She also designed a banner.

I also used the A from the banner for the Loot Bag thank yous for the kiddies.

Some other decor…


(inspired by Christine again… isn’t she great?)

With the buggy theme we had gummy worms and butterflies for the kids, as well as a fun bug hunt. There was a problem however – it had rained all day on Friday leaving a pile of water in our back yard. I tried to contact the parents and warn them to bring rubber boots, but sadly many did not get the message in time. There were a few wet and muddy bums, but for the most part the  kids did not mind.

And as always, I seemed to forget to use my camera most of the day.  I was seriously worn out by the time the party began!

Here are a few random party shots.

Not necessarily recommending this game…

Dessert for party #1

By party #2, I was really tired and forgot to take pictures… again… even of the cake balls! And the ones I did take were not very good. I did catch this one. I think Alex liked them. 

Thank you to all our friends and family for celebrating with us!

Can you believe…

that Alex is THREE today? I certainly can’t!  This day has come way too quickly.

We decided to postpone any celebrations until after work today.  First of all – the celebratory dinner.  Alex’s favourite – McD*nald’s cheeseburger Happy Meal.

And what’s a meal without a meltdown… Sigh. 

But in the end there was some sharing.

And there was fun with balloons – what’s a birthday without a few balloons?

But the real excitement happened outdoors…

Can you say spoiled?

Alex is a real natural that’s for sure.  This is what our boy dreams about every day.  Seriously – each night we tell him to dream about “boats, hockey and ATVs”.

Then there was cake… yum…

We love you little man!

Stay tuned for the Buggy Birthday Bash happening this weekend!