Happy Easter!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of April and that Easter has come and gone. What’s really hard to believe is that in less than a week my boy is going to be… THREE! Yikes!

Anyhow, Easter. Easter weekend was nice and relaxing for the most part.  I have been trying to get over a nasty cold and sinus infection so I’ve been pretty drained.  But luckily by the weekend I was on the mend. We had two family gatherings to attend, one being at our house on Easter Sunday. 

On Easter morning we were able to wake up and just do our normal routine in our upper TV room which was really nice. It allowed Matt and I to get our much needed coffee and Alex could wake up and enjoy his Max and Ruby. After we took him downstairs and reminded him about the Easter Bunny coming! He was quite excited. He checked out his Easter basket full of goodies and had a few pieces of his hockey playing easter bunny and then went on his egg hunt.  The bunny had hid treats in those plastic egg shells to prevent Mason from  devouring all the goodies before everyone woke up. Smart bunny.

Alex had a very good eye at finding the eggs – although there were one or two he missed, but found later in the day.

The  Easter Bunny was also nice enough to bring Mason a doggy Easter egg cookie!

After we got cleaned up and since it was actually nice outside we did a little yard cleanup and play. Alex received a baseball ball and glove for Easter, so we practiced his skills for a while. This boy has a mean throw!

Later in the afternoon, my brother, his girlfriend Paula and my mom came over for dinner.  We again were lucky enough to hang outside again in the SUN! The sun has not been making very many appearances around here lately so this was huge.

All in all it was a good day. Only a few melt downs due to chocolate (and a few since too… Sigh… )

16 responses

  1. Happy Easter!! Looks like (and sounds like) a fabulous day! You got lots of good pics… but I lovelovelove that last one.

    Turns out the big hit for S this year was the pez. Go figure!

  2. How great is that hockey bunny?! Sounds like a fun day. We’re lucky that Ben loves hard boiled eggs, so that’s all he got. No chocolate induced meltdowns here LOL.

  3. ah, easter chocolate meltdowns! we went easy on the candy this year for that very reason! love the photo of alex and mason together. such good friends!

  4. a hockey playing bunny?! alex must have flipped out at that one! 🙂
    i didn’t let c have but one or two small pieces of choclate this year…i ate/kept the rest and will probably have my own meltdown when it’s all gone…

  5. A hockey-playing Easter bunny?! Only in Canada! I love that Sage had an Easter egg cookie too and I love the photo of Alex and Sage. Alex is just adorable in his hat 🙂

  6. What a fun Easter! That last photo with the big ole bunny is priceless and I once again can’t help but love Alex’s winky eye while on his bike. 🙂 Mason is one lucky pup! Simon would be jealous!

  7. What a fabulous, relaxing Easter morning. That’s a great egg hunt, too. It looks like Alex has a great arm there. He and Adam should play catch at our next get together. The chocolate meltdowns are fun, aren’t they?

  8. Sounds like your family had an awesome Easter. Our boys are really starting to appreciate holidays, and isn’t is awesome?! I love that last photo of Alex biting into his chocolate bunny! Big birthday celebrations for both of our families next week! Lots of planning still to do 🙂

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. I love the pictures of Alex playing ball. It looks like he really knows what he doing! And that pic of him giving the cookie to Mason is adorable.

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