Sitter Update

Week one at Florence’s place (Alex’s new sitter) went wonderfully!  I’m actually quite surprised.  On Monday when I dropped Alex off, he went off to play after giving me a kiss, no tears, to fretting. It was pretty perfect! Tuesday morning however was a tad more rough. When Matt dropped Alex off he cried and cried, and wrapped his legs around Matt and didn’t want to let go.  But within 30 seconds of Matt leaving he stopped crying and was fine. The only problem we have had is that we have forgotten Puppy there… twice.  Luckily we discovered this before Alex discovered Puppy was gone! Here’s hoping week two is just as good!

8 responses

  1. Hopefully next week will go even more smoothly!
    You should outfit Puppy with a security device that will beep if Alex gets too far away 🙂

  2. Transitions like this are tough…I was actually wondering how it was boing…but because I’m SOOOO behind on my blog reading, I now FINALLY know. Thanks. I hope things are still going well and getting easier and easier.

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