Did I mention…

That we have a brand new Canadian in the house? That’s right? Alex is an official Canadian! We found out last Friday (told you I was behind) but he officially became a Canadian on March 28th. So for those who are waiting for Canadian Citizenship, it took about 11 months.  I wish we had a ceremony to attend, but for children it doesn’t work that way. 

So we are done!! He is not only officially ours, but he is also officially a member of the true north.

Next step: Passport

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  1. Congrats, Alex!!! I still need to get to X’s passport, but I think I’ll wait until things calm down (?!?!) after Isabel comes home.

  2. Of course you can attend a ceremony! We did with Paige… it was held at a school, and many new citizens attended. It was quite an event… I’ll ask Robert who you should call. You just have to register, and show up. It’s a great photo-op 🙂

  3. congrats!!! how exciting! we don’t get to have a ceremony in our county either…as much as driving to the court house would probably be a pain, i was excited about the possible photo op! oh, well!
    hope the road to the passport goes smoothly!

  4. Anyone who wants to have a ceremony should contact their local MP’s office… or just call our MP (Gary) to register to attend Alex’s ceremony… the more, the merrier! It’s never too late to attend a ceremony… no matter how long your child has had their citizenship papers. Krista, I hope you’ll let us know the details of the arrangements when you have them 🙂

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