34 months

Two days ago, Alex turned 34 months old.


That means in less than two short months he will be 3. That means in September, we will be participating in calling all 3 year olds for the local schools. Which means the following September Alex will be going to Junior Kindergarten. Which means in a blink of an eye he will be driving… going to University… getting married… having his own kids… sigh. 

Anyhow – here’s 34 random things about Alex. [don’t worry – don’t expect you to read this all – wait – yes I do – quiz at the end 😉 ]

  1. Alex is 36.25″ tall and weighs 31 lbs
  2. Alex has an awesome laugh.  He giggles and he has a real deep laugh – love it!
  3. Alex is still all hockey – still wearing his jersey for days on end at times
  4. He loves Caillou. We watch Caillou every morning and read Caillou stories every night.
  5. Alex LOVEs Barney (beabea). Sigh.
  6. For the most part, Alex is still a great eater. He is getting a tad more picky, but in general he loves food.
  7. Knock on wood, Alex loves his new bed. He goes down pretty peacefully each night and has yet to climb out.
  8. Alex really getting into jumping. He loves to jump off stairs, cushions, jumping on the bed, etc.
  9. He also enjoys a new game of swimming on the hardwood floor.
  10. Alex can walk up and down the stairs withoug any assistance of rails or the stairs themselves.
  11. Alex’s vocab is slowly getting larger. He has words he likes to use – but not always. Latest cute word – light bulb.
  12. When reading books, Alex likes to assign the names of family and friends to the characters in the book.
  13. He enjoys playing musical instruments such as the kazoo and the harmonica. Mason “LOVES” the harmonica.
  14. He enjoys singing the Biebs – Baby Baby  Baby Ohhh….
  15. He also enjoys singing What’s My Name by Rihanna – Oh Na Na…
  16. Alex is a great helper – for instance he insists on assisting in emptying the dishwasher. It actually makes the job much easier.
  17. Alex is obsessed with his little knife at dinner time – if we have a knife, he needs a knife. Don’t worry – his isn’t sharp.
  18. Alex is a pretty good skater. He’s been out only 4 times and loves it. He pushes his pylon around with no problems, rarely falling, and actually gets angry if you try to help.  Future Montreal Canadien in the making!
  19. Alex loves two specific friends – Blair and Henry. We see them at our Monday night Whale of a Tale library program.
  20. Alex is also obsessed with his cousin Zack – everything is Zack and hockey.
  21. Alex and Mason are starting to “get along.” Alex likes to play “chicken” with Mason which Mason loves.  It’s really nice to see.
  22. We play “Hide” alot around the  house. We hide, Alex finds us. Alex isn’t so good at hiding yet – he tends to come out of his hiding spot before he is found.
  23. He is also into sheet ghosts – not sure why – but he thinks it is great fun.
  24. Alex still is not sleeping through the night – but now that he has a big boy bed, it hasn’t been as tough on us since we alternate nightly duties.
  25. Alex is slowly learning his numbers.  He has one and three down. He just hasn’t been interested.
  26. Alex is also slowly learning his colours – right now everything is red or white.
  27. When you hug Alex, he gives a comforting pat on your back. Sigh…
  28. When you ask Alex for a kiss, he gives you his cheek. You have to specify that you want him to give you a kiss before he will do so.
  29. He loves to say grace before dinner.  We hold hands and do a little “buzz” at the end. We repeat this 3-4 times a meal.
  30. We are getting closer and closer to being potty trained. He likes to go pee on the toilet or the potty (he get’s a smartie when he is successful), but the other has yet to happen – except once by accident.  I’ve been waiting for the nice weather to start full blown training – it will be much easier to get clothes off in an emergency.
  31. Alex is pretty good at saying please (peas) and Thank You (tee tee).
  32. Alex loves to look through photo albums – we do that while watching Caillou and Curious George in the morning.  He thinks it is fun to name all the people.
  33. Alex is still quite attached to “puppy”, but he is also starting to like “More” aka – Puppy #2. He sleeps with both of them now, but “More” is really just a side kick to Puppy.
  34. Alex makes us smile and laugh every day – we cannot imagine a world without this amazing little boy!

being silly with a strawberry / banana ice cream sundae.

17 responses

  1. So much like a little boy I know! Great idea for you and Matt to alternate nightly duties. That ensures that you get a good night sleep every other night (jealous! 🙂 Daniel is also obsessed with his toddler knife. He wants to use it cut/destroy his food. Sheet ghosts are big here too. Can’t wait to see you guys again…soon, I hope!

  2. So Jonathan has his bear which he sleeps with. It’s name is Bear, kind of like alex’s puppy. He just recently made a new bear at his birthday party. That one’s name is “Bear Too” (or two, don’t quite know). Funny how our little boys think an awful lot alike.

  3. Happy 34 months! You crack me up over your progression of his life after this point. Really, it’s all downhill, right? 😉
    LOVE your list, but my fave is #8 – jumping. He would fit in VERY well with our girls!

  4. Happy 34 months! Jer and I alternate nights too – whoever takes the night, gets to sleep in 🙂 I love that Alex calls his second puppy “More.”

  5. Happy 34 months Alex! I love that you having him going to college and having his own babies, like it’s just around the corner now! 🙂 I think my favorite (and feel to quiz me on all 34) – is that he Alex comes out of hiding before he’s found. Kids are so funny!

  6. what a fun-filled update! i can’t believe 3 is just around the corner….for us too!
    we’ve been playing lots of hide and seek too lately. i usually hide and glenn and noah come find me. i’ve scared the heck out of noah a few times! 🙂

    and just have to mention i’m dying over here looking at that strawberry banana sundae….i just re-joined Weight Watchers this morning so boy does that look good!!

  7. It’s great to get an update on Alex at 34 months. Adam is also a HUGE Caillou fan. I think we’ve watched just about every episode, and he watches them on my old itouch via You Tube. I’m glad to hear that Alex loves his bed so much! I’m sure it will be no time before he’s sleeping through the night on his own. Adam and Alex would have a riot playing hockey together! You are blessed with one beautiful boy!

  8. awww, what a sweet list! i love his “peas” and “ta ta” — so polite! and i love that alex is starting to really play with mason. so sweet!
    happy 34 months, sweet boy!

  9. I can’t believe it!!!

    Uhm- don’t mean to rain on your parade, but you have heard that 3 is the new Terrible Two’s? lol

  10. it cracks me up that he sings rihanna! hee hee! and i love the hugs with pats on the back – c has been doing that too – and it’s adorable! happy 34 months alex!!!

  11. What a big boy!! I love that he’s already a good skater. I wouldn’t expect anything less from our Canadian Korean Toddler!

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