On Saturday I took out the library a number of books on science type activities for toddlers.  I have been wanting to expand on the activities we do with Alex with some educational type projects.  While browsing Sandbox Scientist by Michael E. Ross, I found a cool project that we had done before, although I didn’t realize its official name of oobleck.  If you haven’t made oobleck before, I’ll warn you – it’s messy – but it is fun and well worth the mess! 

The science part of this project is that it encourages kids to explore the differences between liquids and solids.

To make oobleck, simply get a large bowl or a tray, and mix a cup of water to a cup of cornstarch. You can add food colouring if you like – but to me that makes it much messier.  You mix them so that you get a mixture that is both dry and liquid all at once.  Stick your hands in, grab a handful, which will feel solid, and then watch it drip from your hands – such a cool feeling! 

I highly recommend doing this outside if possible, or on a vinyl tablecloth like we did.  I wish I had pics… but I was having too much fun getting messy as well! Here is a flashback picture of Alex with his first oobleck experience.

Note: while it was messy, it wasn't nearly as messy this time around.