It’s Gone…

I love Alex’s crib. Or should I say… loved Alex’s crib.  It was such a classic look, a beautiful colour, and I must have great taste, because a couple other of my friends bought the exact same crib for their boys!

Alex also loved his crib. For his first year with us, Alex slept like a dream. Hardly any wakeups through the night, and slept in until after 7 most days. Like a dream I tell you!!  I think the pictures speak for themselves:

March 2009 - he's soooo small!

September 2009

 It’s hard to believe – but the crib is gone. 

Let’s flip back a year.  Last March we moved. The night before we moved, Alex leaned how to climb out of his crib. Lucky for us, that was a short-lived habit. It lasted maybe a week, and over the course of the past year, he has climbed out less than a handful of times…. until the last couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, Alex rediscovered his lost love of climbing and became a pro at it again. Twice in the middle of the night, we heard a whimpering outside our bedroom door – yep, it was Alex. He had climbed out and due to the darkness, wasn’t sure what to do.

That leads us to this past Wednesday. On Wednesday the mattress and box spring we ordered came in.  So after dinner, the three of us went and picked it up, came home and took apart the crib. It was pretty sad for me. To me it was a real mark that my boy isn’t a baby any more, and the reality of a one child family is setting in even more. Believe me, I’m very happy with having Alex as an only child, but there is still a lingering want and desire in my mind that we might be to provide Alex with a sibling.

Anyhoo, we took down the crib and set up the new bed in record time – just under an hour. And considering, Alex ahs done pretty well adjusting.  I’ve sat in his room twice until he has fallen asleep, and Matt fell asleep with him one night. He is still waking up in the night, but instead of him coming into our room, we can now go to him and get him back to sleep… and if we fall asleep in there, it isn’t the end of the world in our minds.  We have to go out to work in the morning, so our priority is getting the most sleep possible. Like a friend of mine told me, your child will not be sleeping with you when he is 7, and if he is, you have whole other set of problems.

So I’ve created a quick little slide show showing Alex’s skills.  You will notice a wardrobe change half way through – turns out climbing out of a crib in just your diaper is a little rough on the ribs, and a  striped tee and Christmas pj bottoms are much more versatile.  I also obviously did not have the right settings going for the camera… I will figure that thing out yet!

As for the new bed – pictures to come.  I am not happy with it’s current location and we need to get a bedspread. Alex doesn’t like covers, so the bed currently just has a set of sheets on it – and if I’m going to share, I’m going to do it right.