The Week That Was

I’m so far far far behind in my blogging.  I’m hoping a weekly recap will help me share (and remember) all the good stuff going on when I don’t have time to properly blog.

Monday was Valentines Day! I sent Alex to the sitters with some yummy cherry chip cupcakes and a homemade valentine for Megan his sitter. Matt said he was so proud to give it to her.  When I got home from work, I was surprised with a lovely bouquet of flowers, a glass of wine, and a sweet card from my boys. Love them so much!

On Tuesday the love continued! It was the 8th anniversary of marrying my sweetie and he made the day so very special. I came home from work again to a wonderful surprise – a cheese and meat tray, champagne, and jewels! A beautiful diamond pendant – again – love my boys! My mom then watched Alex and put him to bed so we could go out for dinner – thanks Mom!

On Wednesday, Alex and I had a relaxing morning since I was working late. We took our time getting ready, got some grocery shopping done and visited the pet shop. Love our solo time.

On Thursday Matt and I had our Thursday Date Night. He bbq’d some marinated salmon and steak… yum!

Friday was my day off! Matt was also off since neither of us got much sleep thanks to our stuffed up little boy. I kept busy playing around with Etsy (I know I know, I said I was giving up on Etsy… but I can’t resist. I added a bunch of destash items to my original shop.)   It was gorgeous out – the sky was a brilliant blue, and it was… get this – warm! I can see grass!  Really should have taken some pictures, oh well.  But that means we can also see all the “mess” in the back yard from Mason over the winter. Matt was the lucky one to go out and clean up as much as he could.  

Saturday we did something we have been meaning to do for quite a while… we bought Alex a mattress and box spring for his “big boy bed”.  Recently he has remembered how to climb out of his crib again (he started almost a year ago, but then lost interest).  The order comes in on Wednesday, so the transformation from crib to bed will be happening this coming week… wish us luck. I am not looking forward to this…

I’ve also been doing the Joy of Love daily photo challenge.  I must admit – I haven’t been good at taking the pictures daily. But I’m trying. If you want to see what I’ve taken so far, you can see the pics on Fickr.