More snow fun!

Yesterday morning, we finally were able to venture outside to have a bit of a play in the snow.  It has been BITTER cold and windy around here so a temperature of 0 degrees was actually pretty nice yesterday.  We did a little shoveling, playing in a fort and then of course … a game of hockey. 

If you look closely you can see how high the snow bank is – and this is with the snow settling because of the temperature.  The weather is supposed to get quite warm this week – 10 degrees. Can’t wait for the snow to be washed away and to finally see some green! Even if it is short lived… gives me hope that winter is almost gone.

11 responses

  1. that is one BIG snow bank! and after spending a half hour in my backyard today with a shovel trying to pick up dog poo that was once frozen and stuck to the snow and ice ( and i couldn’t get it up ) and now is not…i am sooo ready for spring!

  2. whoa baby, that is a lot of snow! and i’m such a dork and am trying to figure out the celcius to farenheit conversions so i can really appreciate how cold it is up there!

  3. The “warmer” temps have been nice. Since we have all this snow, it’s nice to get outside and play in it, but not when it’s biting cold. I keep meaning to get a picture of D by the huge snowbanks, but I think yours are even bigger! It’s going to take a while for this stuff to melt (ugh!). Can you tell I’m itching for spring already?!

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