2 years (and 2 days) ago

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since we flew home for Korea with our son.  Time sure flies when you are having fun! And when you are super sleep deprived… But the lack of sleep is so worth it when I get to wake up to Alex’s smiling face.  Literally since he is in our bed most nights…  but that’s a different story.

Thursday the 3rd of February was our Forever Family Day, and coincidently it was also a Then and Now day in the Joy of Love –  photo lesson series that I’m participating in. So this is what I came up with – amazing the differences – and the similarities!

On Saturday, Lunar New Year, and our home to Canada anniversary, we traveled to Toronto to an event put on by the Korean Canadian Children’s Association.  What a fun day! Lots of amazing food, traditional Korean drumming and dancing, and games for the kids. We got to see Belinda, Steve, Adam & Ben from Belle & Her Boys – which was so nice.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Adam and Alex together which was too bad since they were adorable in their hanboks!

I did however get a picture of this…

Alex enjoying some fish… head and all. That’s our boy!

Happy Lunar New Year!

17 responses

  1. Happy New Year to your beautiful family! I started reading your blog right before you went to Korea, I can’t believe that was 2 years ago!

  2. Love the “Then and Now” shots! Too bad we couldn’t make it to Lunar New Year, but it was probably for the best with all the snow we got here on Saturday! Hope to see you guys soon – wish for an early Spring!

  3. Happy two years home! I love the then and now pictures. He’s grown so much! I’m glad you got a family shot at the festival. We never seem to have pics of all of us together.

  4. Oh, I love the comparison shots! Crazy to see the changes!

    And let me know if you go the festival in TO next year – we would definitely meet up with you guys! Looks like it was fun!

  5. Great photos! It’s crazy, because I remember that green outfit so well, so to see it pop up again is a little breath-taking! And that last photo just makes me smile.

    Happy TWO Years home! That’s insane!!!

  6. Love the photos and how they compare. What a cutie Alex was & is! I`m so sad we missed you at the New Year`s Party. It looks like it was a lot of fun. My parents and Belle & Steve really enjoyed it. Next year we`ll be there for sure. Hope we can see you guys sometime soon.

  7. I am still so impressed that Alex ate that fish on Saturday!! Impressive. It was great to spend time with your family. Adam and Alex seemed to recognize each other, but we definitely have to get the boys together more often. Congrats on 2 years as a forever family! I can’t believe the two pictures above. Unbelievable how much Alex has grown–still as cute as ever!

  8. Whoa…sooooo sweet on the then & now. Happy 2 years!
    LOVE Alex’s smile in the last shot (and the wink!).
    Fish head & all? Nice going, buddy! VERY Asian. (My husband loves to tell me how his Grandma, who was Chinese, loved to eat the fish eyeballs…a true delicacy, I’ve been told.)

  9. Oh my, I just absolutely love seeing that side by side comparison. What a difference two years makes (and yet, you’re right – so similar too). Still adorable! I love him in the hanbok and that is a fabulous family photo (wink and all!) Fish head? Niiiiiice, Alex.

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