On the 8th day of Christmas…

(ok, pretend this is December 20th… I’m a tad behind)

…my true love gave to me…

the inspiration to craft again! I haven’t been all that crafty in recent months.  Crafting has always been a great way for me to relax.  However I just haven’t found the time – or should I say made the time – to get creative in recent months. It’s a goal of mine to reconnect with my creative side, and relearn how to relax…

So here are eight of the things that I want to make… I figure if I start now, they will be ready for 2011!

3-D Paper Star Wreath
From Little Birdie Secrets

Scrappy Ribbon Wreath
From Little Birdie Secrets

Elf on the Shelf
From Jane of all Crafts

Holiday Cheer Book Wreath
From Homemade by Jill

(goodness – my house is going to have so many wreaths!!)

Kusudama Balls
From Birdie, Bean & Baby Jee

Five Pointed Snowflakes
From How About Orange

(I love paper snow flakes in my windows!)

Holiday Book
From Elise Blaha

Gift Card Cozies
From Make It and Love It

10 responses

  1. soooo cute! i love the paper wreath!! which one are you making first? i’ve posted craft projects…and have yet to try any of them! i’m such a slacker right now. ben and i have a good week and a half off so i plan to be crafty and get organized! we’ll see which one comes first! 😉 happy crafting!!

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