On the seventh day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me…

not much more sleep.  But since I want to share things that are joyous and make me smile during the 12 days, I won’t bore you with my whining – I’ll save that for another day.  Just know that Alex has a cold: mild fever, his nose is running like a faucet, a nasty cough, and to administer any form of medicine is a battle in itself. Waking every hour all. night. long…..

So for the seventh day, I’m going to share seven pictures of fun things from our weekend – yes, even when your child is sick you can have some fun.


Mmmm... fake candy decorations taste super yummy!


Alex tried a trick he learned from Noah and washed some dishes.


Trying out the new central vac...


And a first... crying before getting his hair cut. Only lasted a minute though. Phew!


Enjoying a Turtle after all the hard work was done.


And enjoying a nice hot chocolate... yum!


A beautiful city hall on a cold winter's day...

{ok, gotta be honest. none of these things happened today, but happened Friday & Saturday. I can’t find the usb cable to get the pictures off the camera which holds today’s events. sigh.}

11 responses

  1. Wishing you better sleep and better health for Alex! I loved all the pictures (your town hall is so much nicer than our square building 🙂 )

  2. so sorry to hear that alex is still under the weather and that sleep is still stinking big time. 😦 but you do have so many great photos in this post!!! of course i adore the one of alex doing dishes. he and noah would have a blast doing it together i’m sure. LOVE the haircut, the hot cocoa and the vacuum shot is awesome! 🙂

  3. I totally love you vacuuming like a model! That photo of Alex crying before his haircut looks JUST LIKE MAX. They have the same sad face! I am so sorry about the waking up every hour thing – I know what that’s like and it SUCKS!!!

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