Wordless Wednesday {the parade}

Hello... Santa... Where are you?

No, seriously Santa... where are you? It's cold!

There he is!!

December 1st

December 1st is first official day of the holiday season in our house – so what’s the first thing to do? Put up the tree!

Last year’s tree trimming was a little different.  We put Alex to bed, put the tree up, decorated it, and it was a great “Surprise!” for Alex in the morning. 

This year however – we have a little helper.  Alex was sooo excited when he opened our tree box (we have an artificial tree – a result of too many years of real trees on carpet).

He then proceeded in assisting in putting up the decorations.  He did pretty well, considering he is only 2.5 years old.  The majority of Alex’s decorations are located in the lower right hand quadrant of the tree – he was gravitated to that area.  Nothing broke – so I’m marking it down as a successful project. 

What wasn’t so successful… the Advent calendar.  I had found a cute chocolate box Advent calendar (like I used to have as a child – ah memories…) and the pictures on the front was of hockey and skating – things Alex is a huge fan of. So we gave him the calendar – we opened up door #1 and Alex ate the chocolate.  But then he wanted more – and try explaining that there is only one chocolate allowed each day to a 2.5 year old.  Good luck.  This is a picture BEFORE the meltdown.  I tried for an after picture – but Alex ran into the bathroom and closed the door before I could take a snap.