Look who…

Has all of his teeth!Alex now has all of his 4 two year molars in!!!  I’ve been told that this is the last of the teething until he will get another set of molars when he is around 6.  I’m hoping that is really the case. 

For the most part, the two year molars were not too bad.  We did have our moments – mainly when Alex wouldn’t take the pain meds, (and the red medicine ended up on walls, carpet, clothes, me… We now have dye free pain meds).  But otherwise Alex handled the emergence of his new teeth in stride. 

Say Cheese!

13 responses

  1. lucky for him and you they are all in!!!! 2 year molars are miserable! briar’s bottom two finally came in a couple months ago, but her top two have not even started yet, ugh!!

  2. so glad they weren’t too bad for him! Noah has one that is almost all the way thru and two more working their way right now. They don’t seem to be bothering him, but he has been having a heck of a lot more tantrums lately. Keep wondering if that is just god awful 2 behavior or could it be the teeth making him grumpy? who knows!

  3. AMEN!! We are just waiting on X’s last two molars which seem to be coming soon (and at the same time as our move into the new house). Sound familiar? Can’t wait to get back to decent sleep . . .

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