History Behind the Costume

Alex is a little obsessed with Santa. 

He LOVES, I repeat LOVES Santa! 

I think the obsession started last year when we watched Elf with him.  You know the movie with Will Ferrell where he’s a human who was raised by Santa elves?  Since then anyone with a beard is “Ho Ho”. Any present is a “Ho Ho” present.  This movie was on pretty much every day in the summer – even if just for a few minutes (good thing Matt and I like it).  Anything Christmas is “Ho Ho”.  And since for the longest time Alex wasn’t speaking a lot, we figured if he could say “Ho Ho”, then a Santa costume was for our little man.

Alex LOVED the idea!  So when we saw a costume in the Sears catalogue – we ordered it.  But then the notice of it being backordered until November came. So we tried to think of something else he could be – but Alex wanted to be “Ho Ho”. 

So out came my sewing machine.  Luckily I found a very easy pattern at our local fabric store, since at this point I had just a few days to get this thing together.  But in actuality it took less than 3 hours to make – not bad.  I made it a size 3, so it should fit again around Christmas next year (if he is still into St. Nick).

Once the costume was put together however, do you think I could get this boy to wear it? Nope.  Took 2 days to get him interested in wearing it.   But even when we did get it on Alex, and he was loving it…

he would change his mind.

One other cute thing.  While trick or treating, Alex started to finally stay Thank You – “ti ti”!

17 responses

  1. Oh, funny!!! I knew he loved Elf, but I didn’t make the connection. I love that Alex has such a meaningful costume.. and I really love the shot of him trying to rip it off. Too funny!

  2. That was a great costume. I told one of my students who LOVES xmas too, to dress up like Santa next year – he loved the idea!

    Isn’t it crazy how they totally love something off of them, put it’s so hard to get it on them?!?! Xander was resisting the robot costume right up to the day of Halloween. Thank goodness he’s a ham and he started strutting his stuff for more attention!

  3. Love that you made it yourself! Our boys sound so similar — from refusing to wear costumes their moms painstakingly sewed together to having “thank you” be one of the last common words to enter his vocabulary. *sigh*

    Adorable idea for a Halloween costume. And I LOVE the movie “Elf” too!

  4. NOW I get it! I am impressed that you made it. I cannot sew…at.all.
    Little D says “Ho-ho-ho!” now too (with LOTS of emphasis on the third one). Guess he’ll be ready for Christmas. I’ll have to show him this post and see his reaction. 🙂

  5. I love that he loves “Elf”!!! I love that movie too! I’ll need to watch that with Noah this holiday season. And what an awesome job on the costume! I’m so envious of all you gals that sew. 🙂

  6. You MADE that?!?!? You have a LOT to be proud of! Fantastic…and the fact that he loves it makes it even more special. I loved these photos!

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