34years +1day

Yesterday was my birthday.  You know how some birthdays you look forward to? Well I wasn’t looking forward to this one.  Why? I’m now officially in my “mid thirties” and into my 35th year (thank you for pointing that out Dale & Matt).  Silly I know.   But age is just a number right?

The day didn’t start out so good.  Alex woke up at 6:30, so no sleeping in for me.  Then I found out that the sitter wanted Matt to pick up Alex because he was too sick (he has a cold). At lunch I tried to get my license renewed, but due to a computer freezing, I couldn’t get it done (and I still can’t – after 3 visits to the office – so I’m legally not allowed to drive right now).  But the afternoon got better.  I was able to figure out a text resizing feature for the library website, Matt & Alex gave me some lovely flowers AND an iPhone 4! However by the end of the night I was feeling crummy – seems that Alex also gave me his cold  

The trend continued today – lots of highs – and lots of lows (including being thrown up on). So I’m thinking this might be the trend for the upcoming year.  Let’s hope it is mainly high – like enjoying this cake last night (we couldn’t find the candles, hence the tealight).