500 – Seriously?

This is my 500th post! I can’t believe it.  And to celebrate, I will have a little giveaway fun. 

Up for grabs is a book.  One of the most beautiful books you will ever read.  It is called Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.  If you haven’t read this – read it!  Run to the library and borrow it or run to a book store and buy it – or leave a comment below for your chance to win it!  Be sure to have a box of tissues with you for the ending – I’ve read it so many times and my eyes still well up at the end.   

For a chance to win, leave a comment with the name of a book that you find “beautiful” – a book that makes you smile, that makes you cry, that makes you think.  If it’s a picture book, all the better.

I don’t know what I would have done without this forum.  It has allowed me to voice my opinions, share my highs and lows, and connect with others that are going through the exact same things.  As many of you know – our “in person friends”while they can be sympathetic about what we have gone through, they just don’t understand 100% – so connecting with you all has been a saving grace for me.  This is just a little way for me to say Thank you!

Look who…

Has all of his teeth!Alex now has all of his 4 two year molars in!!!  I’ve been told that this is the last of the teething until he will get another set of molars when he is around 6.  I’m hoping that is really the case. 

For the most part, the two year molars were not too bad.  We did have our moments – mainly when Alex wouldn’t take the pain meds, (and the red medicine ended up on walls, carpet, clothes, me… We now have dye free pain meds).  But otherwise Alex handled the emergence of his new teeth in stride. 

Say Cheese!

Books On My Nightstand

I was just making a graphic novel book display at work (yes, blogging at work right now – don’t tell!!), and came across three books that I had to sign out.  They are a trilogy by Kim Dong Hwa,  set in 19th century rural Korea.  The books tell the tale of a young girl, her relationship with her mother and the changes into womanhood that occur with every spring’s rainy season.The books are described as “A sweeping trilogy of first love and second chances.”  They are romance, coming of age, Korean, and graphic – lots to love!

I cannot wait to start these tonight!


History Behind the Costume

Alex is a little obsessed with Santa. 

He LOVES, I repeat LOVES Santa! 

I think the obsession started last year when we watched Elf with him.  You know the movie with Will Ferrell where he’s a human who was raised by Santa elves?  Since then anyone with a beard is “Ho Ho”. Any present is a “Ho Ho” present.  This movie was on pretty much every day in the summer – even if just for a few minutes (good thing Matt and I like it).  Anything Christmas is “Ho Ho”.  And since for the longest time Alex wasn’t speaking a lot, we figured if he could say “Ho Ho”, then a Santa costume was for our little man.

Alex LOVED the idea!  So when we saw a costume in the Sears catalogue – we ordered it.  But then the notice of it being backordered until November came. So we tried to think of something else he could be – but Alex wanted to be “Ho Ho”. 

So out came my sewing machine.  Luckily I found a very easy pattern at our local fabric store, since at this point I had just a few days to get this thing together.  But in actuality it took less than 3 hours to make – not bad.  I made it a size 3, so it should fit again around Christmas next year (if he is still into St. Nick).

Once the costume was put together however, do you think I could get this boy to wear it? Nope.  Took 2 days to get him interested in wearing it.   But even when we did get it on Alex, and he was loving it…

he would change his mind.

One other cute thing.  While trick or treating, Alex started to finally stay Thank You – “ti ti”!

34years +1day

Yesterday was my birthday.  You know how some birthdays you look forward to? Well I wasn’t looking forward to this one.  Why? I’m now officially in my “mid thirties” and into my 35th year (thank you for pointing that out Dale & Matt).  Silly I know.   But age is just a number right?

The day didn’t start out so good.  Alex woke up at 6:30, so no sleeping in for me.  Then I found out that the sitter wanted Matt to pick up Alex because he was too sick (he has a cold). At lunch I tried to get my license renewed, but due to a computer freezing, I couldn’t get it done (and I still can’t – after 3 visits to the office – so I’m legally not allowed to drive right now).  But the afternoon got better.  I was able to figure out a text resizing feature for the library website, Matt & Alex gave me some lovely flowers AND an iPhone 4! However by the end of the night I was feeling crummy – seems that Alex also gave me his cold  

The trend continued today – lots of highs – and lots of lows (including being thrown up on). So I’m thinking this might be the trend for the upcoming year.  Let’s hope it is mainly high – like enjoying this cake last night (we couldn’t find the candles, hence the tealight).

Going to be a good week

I’m really looking forward to this week:

  1. The Christmas Mania is beginning.  On the weekend there is a Christmas open house at our local garden centre that I try to attend each year.  They have dozens of beautifully designed trees throughout the store, and there is warm cider and holiday music too.  It really gets you in the  holiday spirit.  Also on Thursday Bradshaw’s, a local store with designer kitchen ware is having their Christmas open house.
  2. I have Friday off.  Enough Said. (I think I’ll take Alex to one of the above mentioned open houses).
  3. Matt and I are going away… alone… over night! We are off to a resort in an area of Ontario called Horseshoe Valley.  Can’t wait!  The colours are going to be amazing, let’s just hope the weather is clear.  This is the second time since Alex has been home that we have been sans baby overnight.  I hope he is good for my mom!
  4. While I’m not really looking forward to it… my birthday is Thursday.  So I’m hoping to have some cake.   That’s a good thing.
  5. And guess what – snow is in the forecast!

Is there anything you are looking forward to this week?