Seoul Brothers #5

Yesterday we had the Fifth Seoul Brother’s Gathering at our place.   It was exciting, because not only were little Daniel, Adam & Lucas (and their families) coming, but so was Xander (and his family!)  Unfortunately, Lucas, Kevin & Karen had to cancel (feel better Kevin), so we were down 3, but even then, it was a full house with 14 people! 8 adults, and 6 little boys. 

We had a great time. It was so nice to finally meet Emily, Jeremy & Xander.  We had 2 play dates during the summer scheduled, but they didn’t happen for various reasons, but now we have finally met.  For those who haven’t met Xander, he is the sweetest little boy with the biggest smile.  He was so kind and easy going – a real cutie.  And loved goldfish crackers!

Getting together with Barb (Daniel) & Belinda (Adam)’s families was fabulous too.  It really is so funny – we all just pick up where we left off.  Even though we have met only a handful of times, I often think I’ve known these girls so much longer!  The boys are getting sooo big, and it was great to meet Matthew, Barbara’s newest little guy, and see Ben again – he was just about walking… last time we saw him he was still pretty little.   I don’t know how, but I somehow missed taking their pictures!  Adam and Daniel are talking a mile a minute, and are so funny.  Daniel who is just three days younger than Alex is talking so well, and was counting the fish in Alex’s tank.  Adorable!

While Alex was much more reserved, he got along great with the other boys.  They played with I think each and every toy in the house – and they were all over the floor.  I didn’t realize we had so many toys – it doesn’t normally seem like so many!  Alex wasn’t keen on sharing… we will have to work on that.  They also were hanging out outside, despite the bitter cold.   And I’m sure many of you have figure it out already – but it is soooo difficult to get a group of little boys to look in one direction at the same time – especially when there is food or toys in the vicinity.

From left, Daniel, Adam, Xander, Alex

We had a fantastic meal.  There were appetizers brought by Belinda (mmm… cheese), a salad by Barb, we supplied the potatoes (which I forgot about in the oven, so they were a tad crispy… ) and the steak, and Emily brought the desert… yum!  She and Jeremy also brought some kimchi – it was sooo good… and hot.  I forgot how hot that stuff could be! 

From left, Daniel, Adam & Alex

Before everyone left, we got the boys all in their pjs, and took the “pj shot”.  This year they all wanted hockey sticks.  So, as you can imagine, the shot got even more difficult with hockey sticks everywhere, but hey – the pictures are still extremely cute. 

Love this one of Alex & Adam.

We then did the mommy shot.  Now I have to explain two things. 1. Somehow when I was changing Alex into his pj’s my top button came undone, and no one mentioned it to me – I do not normally walk around revealing so much… 2.  I’m not a behemoth.  It just so happened, we were on a love seat and I was sitting more forward than everyone else.   It also seems to be difficult to get all the moms to look in one direction.  I guess we had way too many cameras going…

From left, Me, Barbara, Belinda & Emily

We then had the dads.  They were pretending it was a team shot – hence the hand on their knees.   By the way – the guys get along great! 

From left, Jeremy (Xander), Andy (Daniel), Steve (Adam), and Matt (Alex obviously)

We normally have curtains on that second window… but somehow they were pulled down – not sure how… 

We love getting together for the Seoul Brothers.  Can’t wait till the next one!