Happy Thanksgiving!

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada – and it was a GORGEOUS weekend for it!  This year we headed north to Matt’s parents cottage – Alex and I went up with the in-laws on Thursday night and Matt and Mason came up on Friday.  It was such a nice getaway (minus my cold).  The sun was out all the time, the skies were a brilliant blue, and while it was chilly at times, you couldn’t help but be outside.  And it was a great opportunity to play with my various camera settings – I just wish I had brought the manual… oh well.  So lots of pictures – enjoy!

Alex and Poppa exploring the shore

All ready to go boating... except for the boat not being in the water...

Out for a walk in the leaves

He is standing in this picture - there were that many leaves!

Mist on the water early one morning...

The mist is so eerie, yet so beautiful

This boy just LOVES fish!

Excuse the boogies, but this picture is too funny! It's a worm lure - Alex's best friend for the weekend

In his element

No - I'm not dirty - I'm just super cute!

Learning to chug beer with the boys - this was minutes after Alex learned how to start the ATV - seriously.

My new favourite shot - I've entitled it "early monday morning"

2010 family photo on our rock

Say cheese wormie!